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PES 2017 PC Next-Gen?


I think PC is not OLD-Gen and not Next-Gen, is a unique version, totally different in a matter of graphics of PS3, 360, PS4, XOne, I also believe that so PC not have the same content as the PS4, the chart PC is evolving every year, we will see how it will come out this year. PES 2014 on high (it was the medium of PES 2016 in some aspects even better), PES 2015 on high (it was the middle of PES 2016) and PES 2017 on high.

And those who have average PC or bad (Low) can not complain about anything. The question to be discussed is the content because the chart is already doing well here… thinking well KONAMI is more than sure not to let the Next-Gen, 80% of the PC population plays in the medium and low (low ), it is based on research that she does when we started the online PES. Anyway if Next-Gen, most would have to buy more stuff to PC, eg processor, ram, video card etc … Rather than vc buy these parts, it would be better to buy a PS4. And remembering that PC has the patchs, which sometimes have content that makes better than PS4. But no one wants to be editing to Konami for free not, many people already stopped, and is stopping editing so too …. Edit is good, but sometimes you also have to revise its concepts.

This isn’t my opinion , but it’s opinion of Estarlen Silva. Source.



  1. la version de pc con una resolucion de 1920x1080p a 60 fraps pueden validar informacion en la pagina oficial de konami

  2. its not the resolution that makes the graphics next gen

    “We’ve answered many times, it’s a shame you haven’t seen it. Do not expect it same level as PS4/XBone”
    and thats ADAMs tweet.


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