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PES 2017 One Two Patch V4 For Season 2019-2020


PES 17 One Two PC Patch Version 4 For Season 2019-20

Preview PES2017 One-Two Patch V.4

Add the Major League Soccer (20 teams) in the top teams
Add the Chinese Super League (16 teams) to the rising teams
Add the full African Champions League (32 teams) to the rising teams
Add the Egyptian league full (18 teams) to the rising teams
Add more than 4500 new faces to the game
Update all team teams and teams for 2018/2019
Update of the upside and falling teams 2018/2019
Add 8 Graphic graphic backgrounds and new lists of the game
Add smoke in all colors
Add 25 Start Screen
Add European new stadiums 2018/2019
Add Scourboard to all leagues, stadium corridors and tournament logo
Balls, shoes and new gloves 2018/2019
In addition to the ads of the Egyptian league HD new billboards 2019 very realistic for all stadiums
Add 7 different turf to the stadiums
And more fairy additions that you will discover in the Patch
Includes Data Pack 3


Download the 10 parts, unzip the parts, preferably with WinRAR
Execute one two Patch.exe installer. Be sure that you select the proper PES 2017 download folder. Open Selector adjust the setting play the game. Enjoy!

dp settings one-two 2017

Credits: Belal – Abo Basmla – Jooh Alahly – Axment Gabr – Omar Salah – Mohamed Refat – Kelam Housam – Muhamed Ayman – Zizo Mohamed – Mohammed Saeed – Hatem Fathy

Thanks To: AZ Mods – MjTs-140914 – Geo_craig90 – Facemaker Sameh Momen – Kareem
Khaled –  Prince Shieka –  Ginda –  Tisera09 – WaterMelooo – Jean Carlos
– Yousef Mohamed – WER – M.Elaraby Facemaker – Eddie – G-Style – Kamal Adel.


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