Home PES 2016 Scoreboards PES 2017 Official Scoreboard + Replay For PES 2016 (Beta Version)

PES 2017 Official Scoreboard + Replay For PES 2016 (Beta Version)


PES 2017 Official Scoreboard and Replay For PES 2016 (Beta)

Beta 2017 Scoreboard

Exclusivity PesScreen – extracted from Pes 2017 XBOX demo version.


The reason why is a beta version is that scoreboard isn’t working 100/100 properly. I decided to upload it for those who want to fix it. If you are a scoreboard maker or you know how to fix the bugs, contact in Mp on PesScreen facebook page, Thanks.

How to add it into your game :

1 – Copy cpk file into download folder
2 – Generate CPK using DpFileListGenerator
3 – Enjoy!

Password : pesscreen

Support or contact on facebook page : PesScreen


  1. WOW! Unbelievable!
    I really appreciate your work, I didn’t even know that you can actually extract anything from next-gen consoles and then make it work on PC!
    I have a serious question, can you extract the PES 2017 turf from XBOX? Can you make it work on PC? We already know that they aren’t going to improve the PC version of the game graphically.
    I know that people like Estarlen Silva tried to make a real turf, but for real, I never liked any of those so called “Real Turf”.

  2. Thanks for support @Mohamed Omar ! :) I extracted pitch for xbox demo version and to my surprise, this is exactly the same as Pes 2016. I don’t know if it’s only for demo version but this is really disapointing. I will check full xbox pes 2017 version when it’s out :)


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