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PES 2017 OF For PES Professionals Patch v2.2 * New Classic Players and Teams


Option File For PES Professionals Patch 2017 v2.2

Download PES Professionals Patch 2017 Update 2.2 OF March 04

* Features:

– Classic Barcelona
– Classic Real Madrid
– Old Glory ( Future Classic Players )
– Europe XL
– Sudamericana XL
– Africa XL

* Kits Updated For All Previous Teams

– Complete All Missing Faces For All Classics Players wasn’t Have a Real Face With Correct Stats + Edit Abilities & Playing Style :

( Ortega , C.Lopez , Valderrama , Boban , Mihajlovic , Aldair , Cordoba , Redondo , Okocha , Denilson , Kanu , Salas
Campos , Montero , Solano , Weah , Ayala , Dunga , Taffarel , Babayaro , Arce , Nakata , Hong Myung , Almeyda , Emerson )

– Added “16” New Players With Correct Stats :
( Pelé , Cruyff , Van Dar Sar , Seedorf , Gullit , Zambrotta , Guti , Morientes ,
Suker , Macmanman , Raul , Drogba , Eto’o , Pirlo , Gerrard , Lampard )

fileupload mirror

Previews: Full gallery here on imgur or here.

Install :
– First install PES Professionals Patch v2 and update v2.1 and update 2.2
Then Backup your EDIT00000000 At \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save
Then Extract PES Professionals Patch v2.2 Option File.rar
And Replace It

– Please Use Original Link & Don’t Reupload for support my work.
– If You Will Put The Thread In Your Site You Can Use Your Own URL Shortener but don’t change my link ..

Credit : Mohamed Gamal
Special Thanks : PesProfessionals Team , G-Style Show Room


  1. يعطيك العافية أخي محمد.. اتمنى أن يتم تصحيح وجه بيكهام والمقصود أن يكون بشكل أجمل..

    وأيضا كتبنا تعليق في تحديث الباتش بأنه عندما تغير الحذاء لبعض اللاعبين يتغير الوجه ويصبح وهمي

    ممكن الحل ؟؟ أنتظر الرد وشكرا لكم

  2. thanks man and very good job; i started a new ML but there is a lot of duplicaated player like 3 zidane and 4 roberto carlos!!! how to resolve the prob.

  3. thanks man and very good job; i started a new ML but there is a lot of duplicaated player like 3 zidane and 4 roberto carlos!!! how to resolve the prob.

  4. أهلآ بك اخي وائل..
    هبلغ صناع الباتش بتحسين وجه دافيد بيكهام لانه من الوجوه الحقيقيه اللي هم مركبينها
    بالنسبه لمشاكل التعديل علي اللاعبين انا مبلغهم بيها و هم حصروها و هيعملوا منشور عالصفحه الرسميه لهم قريبآ بخصوص المشاكل دي
    شكرآ لتعليقك :)

  5. Hello Man ,

    there is no resolve to deny duplicate players from appear at ML/BL

    For ML\BL please use the original option file from the patch

    if you didn’t backup it before replace you will find it at

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\PES Professionals Selector\Modes\Option File

    Then When ever you like to play Exhibition or Versus Mode replace it with my
    EDIT00000000 At \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save

    remember always to backup the both files

    so you will be have 2 option files one without duplicate players or XL Teams for ML\PL & another with all new teams for exhibition or versus mode

    Regards …

  6. Thanks for this creation dude… This is so amazing !!! But if u can, pls add more classic player and team dude… Maybe u can see from gala*y patch or sm*ke patch… Ty… Great job bro !!!

    Sorry for my bad english…

  7. Hello , Thanks for your feedback
    I’ll add more classic teams soon
    such as AC Milan , Inter Milan , Manchester Utd , Liverpool , Arsenal , AS Roma

  8. Thanks again for the reply. But what about the players you created. They will exist in the one you mentioned at pes professionals selector folder?

  9. The truth very happy of the patch very good friends only if they can add to martin palermo and guillermo barros Escheloto are two players of mouth along with Enzo franchescoli that areieron the Argentine soccer

  10. Stoichkov needed ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. اخي محمد عندي مشكله
    الرساله بتقولي

    غير قادر على تحميل البيانات الاصدار غير متوفر , او انه اصدار قديم

    ارجو الرد

  12. الاصدار اللي معايا هو ده

    PES Professionals V2 مع الدوري المصري

    الرجاء الرجاء الرد

  13. أخي شعاري سبارتا براها و أستانا غير صحيحين
    sparta praha and Astana
    لم يعمل لي الأوبشن،وجدت فقط التي في التصحيح 2.2
    ممكن طريقة وضع هذا الأوبشن فايل

  14. اهلآ اخي
    الشعارات الخطأ هيتم تبليغ صناع الباتش بها و تصحيحها من خلالهم
    بالنسبه للاوبشن
    هتفك ضغطه في المسار التالي و توافق علي الاستبدال
    \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
    XL TEAMS و هتلاقي وجوه لاعبي منتخب العالم و اوروبا المفقوده اتظبطت بالاضافه لستة فرق في

  15. مشكور محمد على الرد
    يرجى في تحديث الباتش معالجة مشكلة تغير الوجوه عند تغيير الحذاء لبعض اللاعبين
    مع اني عملت نسخة احتياطية لملف ال
    ولكن نتمنى المعالجة بشكل تام
    ايضا يرجى اضافة خيار في ال
    بتغيير لوغو الاعادة في الماستر ليغ وغيرها من البطولات selector
    كما يرجى ابلاغ فريق الباتش باضافة شعار الابطال
    champions 2016
    على طقم النادي الملكي ريال مدريد واضافة شعار الليغا على أطقم الفرق
    وشكرا لك أخي محمد ولفريق الباتش

  16. i think they will be added if classic national team of argentine created
    for now i work for classic club teams
    but at all i’ll keep them in my mind :)

  17. For now i work for classic club teams
    but classic national teams in my mind after finish clubs :)

  18. Thank you my friend, i am downloading now, but it seems like there arent much seeding it, i am stuck on 99.9%, eta keeps changing radically lol.

  19. Could somebody please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
    I installed Professionals Patch 2.2 properly. Then extracted the option file from the selector(which is inside PES Professionals Selector/Modes/Option File). I replaced this file with M. Gamal’s EDIT files. Just to be sure, I also replaced the EDIT file in My Documents/KONAMI with M. Gamal’s files.

    But there is no change inside the game, just the standard PES Professionals roster.

  20. Hello,
    I’m replacing the EDIT file in the save folder as well as inside Modes/Option File, but not seeing the new teams etc. How do I fix it?

  21. Hello
    you must Extract PES Professionals Patch v2.2 Option File.rar inside \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\
    not just \Documents\KONAMI
    you will find the new teams at XL TEAMS Category replaced Pla League

    Note : you don’t need to do anything at PES Professionals Selector/Modes/Option File

  22. PES Professionals Patch Team announce they will release v3.0 soon
    so i’ll release my updates on v 3.0 after they finish it

  23. Pls after installing v2.2.some missing faces in bayern.and it seems the speed of the game has reduced.how do l fix the missing faces.but good work Gamal.

  24. Hello,
    yes its problem from update v 2.2 & PES Professionals Patch Team will fix it at the next version 3.0 soon
    Regards …

  25. Pls the v2.2 18.03 after installing.when playing it seems like breaking abit.but much faster than the 14.03.buffering when playing the 18.03.

  26. Well to be honest i have never seen a more complete patch then this one..In my opinion this the best patch for pes17 …With almost all the legends and classic teams…By the way when u will make Patch for pes18???

  27. hey guys ! why am i having so much trouble getting the download link ? every time i click on the link, a new page shows up and i don’t get the file even if i follow the instruction
    help please…


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