Home PES 2017 Patch PES 2017 New Option File 16-2-18 For PES Smoke 9.5.2 By Beingames4u

PES 2017 New Option File 16-2-18 For PES Smoke 9.5.2 By Beingames4u


Option File 16-2-2018 For PES Smoke 9.5.2 For PES17

Download Option File 16-2-18 PES Smoke 9.5.2

Features :
Last Transfers To 16-2-2018 Day
Update Some False Transfers
New Gameplans For Many Teams
Update Some Players Name & Number
Make Every team With His Stadium
Some Edits In The Match
And More Find It Yourself


Preview :

Preview InGame

Credit : Beingames4u Site


  1. ok, I understand but you could make an exception, just update the team (jubila iwata), please be very helpful, and thank you very much for your prompt response, I know you have done a great job

  2. There is some solution so that the arms of some players do not look white, I do not use a tattoo patch, please if you can correct them better.

  3. If I refer to the color of both arms, for example l.suarez, I do not think that this goes through the compatibility of tattoos, in my case I do not use any tattoo patch, if you can fix it better and thank you

  4. only i’m not interested in 3 or 4 leagues, as japanes or turkish because i’m egyption and this leagues’s not showing on tv and there’s not news about it in websites or tv or youtube !

  5. When you release a patch under someone elses title, in this case smoke patch update, you must make sure that all your transfers fit into the patch, I don’t care if you don’t follow anybody, you can’t disrespect other peoples work by just saying i don’t do this or I’m not interested in that, copyright infringement applies.


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