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PES 2017 Modpack Full Body v3 update by Face Mod Pes ID


PES 2017 Modpack Full Body v3 update by Face Mod Pes ID

Download Modpack Full Body Update 3

– update texture
– fix small squared shorts
– no buncit


Modpack v3 is back with free version .. u can download for free .. and it has small update texture on pants .

Setting v3

Enjoy – size 36 mb with password: ijad


  1. nice mod but the legs are still bigger and there are openings on the shoulder of some kits
    some shorts are not complete
    Nice mod though
    keep it up man

  2. gan kalo kita mau pake face nya yg biasa kaya ronaldo nya ga pake face yg antum bisa ga ?

  3. The update is nice, but some shirts have lots of clippings, some sleeves as well and some shorts get a small hole in the back side if the player wears undershorts. Also, if the player has leg tattoos, the undershorts don’t work.

    If you can update these things, your mod will be the best one. Keep it up man.

  4. Please which tattoo pack are you using ? I tried some but i get few bugs in some players like white hands or weird zombie eyes,thanks.

  5. With that one i had those problems, but i fixed it yesterday by using the correct OF, thanks anyway !

  6. Eh ngentod, kalo mau bagus bikin sendiri aje
    Sukur” dibikinin mod.. gratis lagi
    Gak makasih ato apa kek malah bacod seenak forehead lu..

  7. Problems with Bale and other in built real madrid players, when they are assigned with full sleeve

  8. Thank you very much, it works ! But I have another problem, look at this screenshot :
    You can see that there is a square at the top of the shirt, between the logo of the team and the equipment manufacturer. There is this bug on all the teams, not only Real Madrid. Can you fix it please ? Sorry for annoyong you, I just try to have the best game experience as possible and your mod is very important for it !


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