1. @Hagi Adrian: Please post my preview on your blog so people can see what’s included in the patch :)

    // PM sent in forum.

  2. everytime i change boots, miniface disapears from player!
    please fix, other than that, awesome patch

  3. That’s because you’re using the 1.01 version of the game (the c one). Its no problem of 1002MB patch.

  4. He already mentioned that he does not support other patches.

    I tried to see if his patch is compatible with PTE Patch v2.1, doesn’t work. 414 Mb worth of data wasted.

    @1002 MB: Warum auch immer unterstützt du die andere Patches nicht, das weiß ich nicht… Aber nur mit Kleinigkeiten (hoffentlich?) kannst du andere Patches auch unterstützten.

    Naja, danke trotzdem.

  5. hi dude …
    thanks but how about iran national team???????????

    please make another pack or even u can make an special one 4 iran which can be awesome

  6. 414 MB because I had to replace DLC files. If you want to have Minifaces for Bundesliga just use PESGalaxy-Patch. It’s a lot of work so I will not support other patches. But you can use every non-Bundesliga-Miniface with any other Patch.

  7. You introduced retired players like Kahn, Valderrama, Simeone, Viera, Batistuta, Ronaldo etc. and that is not a lot of work, but to sync your work with PTE patch is a lot of work!

    Anyway, whatever.

  8. Yes, all mini-faces exist in PTE.

    Very few mini-faces are missing, mostly in Bayern and some other European squads.

  9. Is compatible with online pes ? I instaled pes galaxy patch 2017 2.0, and then i copied the files from the download folder, for my download folder and online mode doesn’t work…


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