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PES 2017 LFA Patch For PC


The PES 2017 LFA Patch For PC Features (Non-optional):

  • New 2020-2021 kits
  • Extensive list of new national teams
  • New concept mini faces
  • New players and updated rosters
  • HD stadiums
  • New balls
  • New boots
  • PES 2020 and 2021 graphic mods
  • Challenging gameplay
  • New BGM
  • African clubs replace classic teams
  • Players updated from PES 2020 DLC 8
  • Updated over 3000 player stats (LFA stats converter).
  • Note: players with initials are not yet edited.

Features (Optional 1)

  • New commentary
  • New menu intro
  • New mega callname pack INSTRUCTIONS
  • mediafire
    • Download all files from ‘non-optional’ and extract to PES 2017 game folder (you can extract with winrar)
    • Download ‘edit files’ and place in PES 2017 game save folder
    • Enjoy
    • Download ‘optional 1’ and ‘optional 2’ and add for more features NOTE: ‘Edit files’ and ‘Non-optional’ are necessary. Optional 1 and 2 can be downloaded and added

Follow @LFApatch for updates. New: Update 1 released 29.11.


  1. Pls thank 4 a nice updates but i have one problem U can’t create Masters league each time i create it will give me error and close the game. Can u pls help me out. Thanks

  2. Hello LFA, thank you for uploading your good work. It’s really appreciated. However, the part 5 of the Non-optional files is not downloading. I think it might be broken. Can you check and fix?
    Thanks again

  3. Your installation guide did not work properly nothing changed, I extracted non-optional files into Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 folder. Added edit file the game said it’s corrupted.

  4. A lot of people are using it without problems. Problem might be from your download or files were copied wrongly. Re extract, copy to bright folders and make sure you aren’t tampering with dpfilelist.


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