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PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay v2 By Parham.8


PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay Version 2 (dt18) By Parham.8

Gameplay pes17

– Referee tweaks
– Running with ball speed tweaks

Alternative version:
– More miss shots

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  1. Please make the ball speed slower, like in your last gameplay patch! Everything feels a lot faster now. Arcadey. Your last patch was slower overall, more realistic. Thanks!

  2. more harder please.. I can still beat up elite club 5-0 “Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, City, United” with arsenal & Real Madrid..

  3. Choose uefa, exhibition. Choose away side. set player emotions on. Set stadium to home ground. If it is still easy, then there is nothing else i can do.

  4. Just copy dt18_win file inside data and replace. Remember to copy konami’s original file some where safe to have a backup.

  5. Referee is better ? or worst than original ?
    in original gameplay he s too annoying and silly mistakes.

  6. hi can you adjust the shooting power. everytime i tried to shoot the ball is always high. even i single tap it while shooting either outside of the penalty box or close range shooting the ball always went high.

  7. Shooting speed has been decreased. That’s why gks do better job as far as i know. And what exactly do you mean by high? I haven’t seen the ball going higher than nornal while shooting slowly.

  8. oh really? may i know where can i get the gks patch to fix this thing? i mean the shot is too powerful. everytime i shoot the ball even at close range the ball went fly high or went to goal post bar. it is very difficult to control the shot power. even at open goal then ball went high.

  9. can you make the ball more rolling after passing they stop relly fast on the ground can you fixed

  10. Thank you. I have question: have tried my gameplay with lowering game speed in settings? Maybe that would help! Set speed to -2

  11. I think referee is good by giving yellow cards or by warning the players instead of being too strict.

  12. it’s okay then. your gameplay patch is better than the built in one. thanks. really appreciate your work. hopefully, you will figure out how to fix the shooting and more other gameplay tweaks to make the game better. :)

  13. hi pharam.8. I love your gameplay, but can you make that player who have incasive run etc. realy play like that. for exemple c. ronaldo when have ball emidiatle cross or pass. hi dont driblle like he woud in real life. i think that card do not do a thing. for years i traying to made player to play lifelike with global edit with stats and player special card. but this year tactic is all important for player bihavior. sori for bad english.

  14. over the years trying to edit global-a stas to do a pes more realistic. also always use your patches or yair, but a couple of years back is all in vain because the player id is just a giant mask. (dont count how players run because it was all of id’s) say ronaldo has incasive run but he pass or cross immediately or not dribbling as in real life, etc. I think you understand what I mean. is there a possibility you solve that . I tried everything, and nothing.

  15. Hi tnx. Version 2 is better. If you like speedy gameplay, choose legacy. If you like slower gameplay, choose version 4.5

  16. hey parham cant you please tell me differences between your 4.5 and legacy v2 apart from the speed factor?? right now i am using your legacy v1 :-) .. and knowing the other differences would help make me the choice. Thnx.!!

  17. can u reduce shooting from long range is always goal by AI and HUMAN but 1 on 1 is hard sometimes to score…

    and reduce the speed …overall is okey i like both of version 2

    and still easy i can win 3-1 , 3-0 , 6-1 , 5-0 and so on in master league

  18. Hi. 1st case: no problem ok
    2nd case: i won’t change speed because legacy should be fast and version 4.5 of my gameplay is slow
    3rd: I actually don’t find any thing to make it harder. Try version 4.5 of my gameplay. If it is harder than legacy, i will make legacy as hard as version 4.5 . if not, then there is nothing i can do to make it more difficult. Maybe you are a hall of fame that the game looks easy for you. I myself play with version 4.5 and it is really hard to score. I end up in draw most of the time even with weak teams.

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