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PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8


PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8

Download PES2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8

Legacy changes:
Ball speed
Running speed
Running with ball speed
Powerful defence
Better GKs
Better AI
difficult through pass and long through pass
More outgoing shots
More fouls
And …

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  1. This is my newest gameplay. A different gameplay comparing with 3 versions that i made before. Try them. You may like this one but love the other one; or vice versa!

  2. Thanks for making such good gameplay tweak …

    Appreciate your work, keep updating your file with some new logic…

  3. I can but, how about you train more? You know i’m talking about habbits. If you build your skills on an easy gameplay, you will never become a pro. Train hard with hard gameplays to become the best in pes and defeat everyone ;)

  4. Backup dt18 file. (Copy it somewhere safe from your data folder) replace it with my cpk file in data folder. No need to enable. Copy in DATA & REPLACE.

  5. when i compare 3 of gameplay this one is more speeding ..please reduce the speed ( not ingame speed ) and a little heavy ball between heavy ball and normal ball please….

    now i prefer play with newgameplay

  6. Tnx for the idea. I increased dribbling speed because as an example: shen you are running with ronaldo, pique can not run like ronaldo and get the ball. I don’t like it. Ronaldo’s speed is higher than pique, so he should be able to run faster when pique is deffending. And legacy’s ball is between version 3’s normal ball and heavy ball. :)

  7. Hi. Sorry I have a question. I viewed the file cpuLevel.json and I noticed that the settings of the various CPU parameters are identical for all levels of the game. So there are no more differences to play 1 or 5 stars? Thank you very much.

  8. Hi. No. It changes levels only in a limited form. For example level 5 for regular gameplay makes it harder but not as much as superstar.

  9. Paham.8 oye puedo hacer un video para youtube enseñando esto ovio estara con tus liks y te dejare creditos que dices

  10. is the referee got better on this gameplay ? original gameplay the referee is too annoying and silly mistakes

  11. The only one real HARD real DEMANDING gameplay, just great. In career mode 1st season is really hard but possible to get some titles, i like to start a career with medium/low budget team and about 3-3,5 stars so about 70 skills at all, so it’s real challenging to get europa league at least… If u make something new close to this one, Answer me please! Great job. I’m really appreciate it!


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