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PES 2017 La Liga Patch 1.51 by stanek1983


PES 2017 La Liga Patch 1.51 by stanek1983 Released 28.10 ’16

Download stanek 2017 patch

Version 1.51:

– Correct Nations Team Europe
– Added new faces (153)
– Fix Kits and Emblems Eintracht and Mainz
– Fix Santiago Bernabeu
– Added New Scoreboard LaLiga, Bundes liga, SkySports
– Compatible Konami update 1.2


Password: forum.pesleague.pl


– La Liga, La Liga 123, Serie A, Serie B, Liga NOS, added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads, stats, players
– Complete Others Team Europe with missing team from Champions League and Europe League
– Added 24 clubs for other team europe: Shakhtar Donieck, Fenerbahce SK, Sparta Praha, FC Copenhagen, Anderlecht RSC, Olympiakos FC, Panathinaikos FC,
PAOK Saloniki, Rapid Wienna, Zenit St.Petersburg, Zorya Luhansk, FK Krasnodar, FK Rostov, Osmanilispor FK, Red Bull Salzburg, PFK Ludogorets, Celtic FC,
APOEL FC, FC Viktoria, Legia Warszawa, Steaua Bukareszt, Dundalk FC, BSC Young Boys, Standard Liege (logos, kits, player, stats)
– All kits from national teams
– Fixed European Nations Fake Players
– Selector Online/Offline
– Scoreboard Selector (Scoreboard LaLiga, Bundes liga, SkySports)
– New Ballpack
– New Adboards
– New 850 faces from LaLiga, PL, Bundes liga, Serie A, others team and national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– Added 40 stadium Immortal Pack
– Added 1208 mifaces
– and more.

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  1. damn!!! you’re awesome!!
    You and tugavicio team should work together and improve the best pes2017 patch ;) think about it.

    I have the same doubt that satera.
    work with the last 1.02 version?

  2. hagi adrian wrong placed post, info version 1.51:

    VERSION 1.51:

    – Added Data Pack 1.00
    – Added Konami Patch 1.02
    Added New Scoreboard LaLiga, Bundesliga, SkySports
    – Correct Nations Team Europe
    – Added new faces (153)
    – Fix Kits and Emblems Eintracht and Mainz
    – Fix Santiago Bernabeu

  3. great patch man.probably the most complete yet.just one complaint.why do we have to redownload the whole patch every time you release an update.??even a small one…

  4. one doubt i have, if a want to add any cpk files and generate dpfilelist and then add in offline exe will it work with selector because it didn’t work with previous selector. please give me response

  5. one doubt i have, if a want to add any cpk files and generate dpfilelist and then add in offline exe will it work with selector because it didn’t work with previous selector. please give me response..

  6. Wow…amazing 11GB extracted & its work fine for me than other. for next please fix the name of stadium for some club, fix some manager/coach a team in some club & rival of club

  7. Delete all files folder download. Delete exe selector and folder selektor. Delete edit000000 open game download DP 1.00 copy and paste my patch. Patch compatibile only original game.

  8. when i use DpFileList Generator v1.8 by Baris + DLC 1.0 i’m insert other cpk file, a game has reset to original game, this patch support or not with DpFileList Generator v1.8 by Baris + DLC 1.0?
    I check:
    whats wrong?

  9. Siemanko,ja już nie wiem jak mam wkleić te pliki,nie wiem o co chodzi z tym selektorem,pliki z download wklejam i biorę przez program dpfilelist generator,a co z tymi plikami z selectora???

  10. i jeszcze jedno,czy w twoim patchu jest uwzględniony trzeci zestaw koszulek dla LIVERPOOL i czy działa nie ma problemu z czarną poświatą na koszulkach ZENITA ?

  11. Hi my friend….good job! Congratulations! But I prefer a original faces…I try to deleted a cpk faces files on dplist and work but some players like Lewandowski and Lahm don’t have faces! How to make a faces for only bayern players without replace other teams? Thanks

  12. Ok,udało cały dpfilelist (łącznie z dodatkowymi plikami z poza patcha) podmieniłem w selektorze w offline mode i jest ok ale koszulki ZENITA PET… dalej z jakąś czarną poświatą.

  13. There’s an option for you to apply a live update, its on the same place as edit mode, system setting, etc. When you clik it and you’ll get an option if you want to apply it or not, if you apply it, it’ll download and applied automatically (just wait for the process to finish and enjoy). Or if you play an exhibition match, press R3 (you can set it in setting.exe, CMIIW). And of course, make sure you are connected with internet

  14. Stanek, what do you make in the next version? Maybe Liga Bancomer MX and SuperChinese League? I like to iniciate edit stats of many players, there is the meaning of the question. Thanks for you incredible work!

  15. the game started nicely with your pack and I’ve played maybe like 10 games in ML and then it started to give my full white pitch instead green grass and after couple games it crashed and now every time I enter the game and pass that one match it crashes….any solution?

  16. innmortal stadiums so great but bernabeu in rain time white grass every satdiums really fantastic graphics hd please answer to inmortal how fix this bug stanek1983 pleae youre work is amazing dont remove this stadiums pack please


  18. I’ve played two games and It crashed after made sustitutions or afer finished the Game. Any solution? I have the original game.

  19. Działa również w wersji nieoryginalnej gry? A jeśli tak, to nie robi różnica jaka ona dokładnie jest?

  20. This happens to me too… but only when I added the immortal stadium packs because i didn´t know already added … so i delete all the others .cpk in the download folder and generate the DpFileList again only with the cpk files of LaLiga… With this the white grass on Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was fixed on my game…

    By the Way … i´m waiting with emotion the next update as you comment stanek1983 Liga MX will be added and other updates… hope maybe the national teams of Central and North America was updated too… that will be awesome too…

    Thanks for your hard work and if i can help in something … i´m here

  21. How I can change the pitch? I’m playing with Low resolution and the pitch is really bad. I’ve already added another pitch mod and generate it but no luck.

  22. Plus, No Crowd mode doesn’t work with this patch. I’m really like this patch, but these problem is really f*ck*d me up.
    Someone please help.

  23. Hello there! This is a fantastic patch. I believe one of the most complete. All you need to do is complete the squads and that’s it.

    However, there is a bug with your patch. Everytime I play against Liverpool or Everton, the goalkeeper and a defender switch positions and suddenly the GK is in midfield. One could say it is live update error, but it is also happening in Master League and Become A Legend. It never happened in the Original game. Think you can help out and release a fix or something?

  24. No he podido descargarlo…. puedes subirlo por medio de otros servidores o por torrent?
    te lo agradecería mucho!!!!


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