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PES 2017 KK Stadium Pack Based on AZ_Pack For PC


KK-Stadiumpack V For PC Based on AZ_STADIUMPACK Update

The new KK pack adds new pitch sking, textures, stadium pattern, sky, tunnels graph, lines in pitch, exterior view, lights, adb config, stadium side coach mod, light reflection, shadow, rain pitch style, preview, new stadiums comverted from pes18, tv members kits and camera models in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

Download kk-stadiumpack For PES2017 PC



Size: 1.93 GB.


  1. @KK i have facing a problem in every stadium pack on camp nou stadium of blimp mode camera settings
    have u know how to solve this problem?
    i am using immortal patch

  2. Is it solve infinite loop on some stadiums (etihad, stamford, etc) after the match? compatible with tattoo or not?

  3. Stuck at tottenham stadium at beginning, still have infinite loop on etihad stadium. Im using immortal patch 4.0

  4. Bro make please it so that after the kk stadium pack I can generate other cpk, for example adboards, pitch, etc. I am using Immortal patch 4.0

  5. I also get stock in etihad stadium when i put adboard in my game
    is there any help you can offer


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