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PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD


PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD

Download PES17 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay Mod December

Update R5 (Sim Version)

-Slower game
-Physics ball tweaks
-Ground Pass adjusted
-Deep Pass adjusted
-High Pass adjusted

Update 4 R4 (Arcade Version)

-Timming inputs
-Better Player reaction
-AI Coefficient Tweak
-Physical Battles Tweak

Update 3

Compatible DLC 2.0

Update 0.2

IA Attacks

IA Shoots and Cross Rating Tweaks

Update 0.1

-Battle Tweaks
-Controls Tweaks



-Tempo Tweaks
-Shoots power reduced
-GK Tweaks
.Ball Control Tweaks



  1. PLEASE PLEASE fix when you do AIR through ball, 8 out of 10 times the defender gets it! (dont know if you already did in this version). That is a HUGE problem. Also a problem is when you pass forward say with air ball, your player runs like a dummy to the spot where ball will land, but YOU CANT control him, you cant block defender if you want with your body, or run to another position – konami made it so you MUST run to the spot where ball will land, you can’t control the player!!!

    anyway, through passing is very bad, and attacker control to who pass is made is non existent.

  2. well, this is the same in every gameplay patch ive played, since this is konami’s original thing. i didnt play your patches yet but i will today, so i will see.

  3. do we need to use your exe file or just replace the dp file? I only replaced dp, so my observations:

    I’d like 10-15% slower gameplay than you have now.

    problem with air through balls, crosses, where defender gets it 9/10 times, and also you can’t control your attacker because he runs to where the ball WILL LAND, but maybe you want to block defender or move to the side, but you can’t, konami made it so the guy must run after ball. (another example, if ball is going long, and out of bounds, but your defender will always run after the ball even if you know it goes out of bounds..this is just stupid)

    good luck, thanks for the work.

  4. You are really an a$$hat, seriously.

    If it wasn’t for these patches (like ones from Alex, Parham.8, nesa24) then PES17 becomes ridiculous.

    Don’t play Top Player / Super Star, because pathetic AI defenders become monsters who can read every pass and make interceptions out of their a$$e$. AI attackers run like they’re on meth, irrespective of whether their ratings are low 80s. AI GKs make saves 1-on-1 no matter what you do; simultaneously, AI players make perfect 1-touch long through balls halfway across the pitch. The best part is when user is defending, and AI lines up a shot from 25-30 yards out and the balls smacks the top corner as if the shot was taken by Messi, even if the GK is Buffon.

    Neuer is made unplayable, he saves LITERALLY everything, even the most difficult 1-on-1 which should have been a goal. Crossing from user players is a pain in the a$$, ball goes too wide or direct in AI goalkeeper’s hands. Headers are never on target. Best of all, BTW, referees hardly ever give cards for AI fouls, but if user’s player even makes clean tackle and gets only the ball it’s still a freekick w/o yellow card.

    The list is endless.

    I have played with all 3 patches I named above and these edited patches are much, much better than KONAMI’s $h!tty original EXE.

    So STFU you [email protected], and you have to be a real m0r0n if you think KONAMI gives a flying fooook about PC users.

  5. haha lol [email protected] NOOBS everywhere..in pes16 AI defenders were bad and every match would be 5-1,6-2 etc. this year they made it DIFFICULT like it SHOULD be on SUPERSTAR and matches are more closed and depend on the little details.But of course if you’re a NOOB you dont like that and you want to score 5 goals in every match..I play on superstar and i have more wins but also draws and loses and its fun and realistic.Most people even say that crosses are a little OP and goals from headers are common and you say that you cant cross right and score a header..Well..maybe you’re a NOOB.The AI this year plays like a very good HUMAN player and thats very important.If you struggle to score cross etc. learn the game better because there are thousands of people who can and stop blaming the game if YOU are a [email protected] NOOB.99% of people say that pes17 is the best in pes history and best football game ever and most of them play in consoles where gameplay is not editable.So you want a gameplay patch which makes the game easier?why dont you just play on regular and leave superstar for people who understands football?Eitherway most of these gameplay patches are supposed to make game more difficult better gk etc. from what their creators write in description so WHAT THE [email protected] ARE YOU SAYING??And where exactly did i mention that konami give a [email protected] about pc?I talked about gameplay and if you dont know,its exactly the same with ps4.You must be 15 or something..Just dont start to complain to konami forums kiddo and they end up [email protected] the game with your stupid complaints i cant score i cant pass etc you NOOB.People like you will never be able to understand a realistic and difficult game of football..NOOOB!!!

  6. learn to play NOOB.I play on superstar and its realistic and difficult like it should be.dont blame the game if you’re a NOOB and if you want to score 5 goals in every game play on regular and let superstar for people who understand football.i bet you’re not over 16 y.o. [email protected] kids…

  7. ive been playing since 2007, please go talk to the mirror if you want to troll someone, we know better…

  8. Poor guy, he sits in his underwear whole day with a big bowl of fudge, his PS3 and a picture of his favorite player so he can wank off to when he loses a game in PES.

    You must be one of those pathetic 4chan trolls who picked up his insults from 2003. Dissing on me with name-calling and trying to insinuate that I’m a 15-year old shows how little intellectual depth you have, considering you weren’t able to counter even half of my critique from my previous post.

    Worst of all, saying that PES17 is praised by 99% ?? So then PES must have a rating of 95% plus, right Einstein ?? Would you do me a favor of checking the ratings given to the game by all the sports magazines and then jump from the 105th floor straight down, because that’ll be the only way you can avoid the humiliation of being a world-class d!ckweed that you are.

    Saying console versions are not editable ?? Really ?? Do you get Internet in that cave you dwell in, you nincomp00p ?? Because being the troglodyte that you are, you would not have been able to google sites which offer plenty of good patches for console variants as well….

    I’m barely able to type as I’m laughing so hard, so there might be some typos. Lemme end this comment here. Take care, dipwad !!

  9. hey little kev wow you’re so intelligent that im not gonna insult you again..you really put me in my place..doesn’t matter that i said about console GAMEPLAY patches that don’t exist and you replied that general patch exist..WOW i didn’t know thanks for that..in fact you sound so clever and intelligent that i can’t believe how you can’t cross or score a header and that bad guy Neuer always stops your 1-on-1 and make you frustrated..remember smart people must not get angry..just practice everyday and the day will come that you’ll finally score a goal against that cruel dude that literally as you say saves every shot..from now on my thoughts will be with you and your attackers..amen…sorry that i called you a 16yo..you must be a little older.i hope one day you’ll find the patch that makes superstar easier and the smile will come back to your face because obviously just lowering the difficulty to regular or top player must seem a strange road for you to take..bye now

  10. this is the best comments on this site. Hahaha cant stop laughing.


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