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PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD Update R8


PES 2017 InMortal ProEvo Gameplay MOD R8 (Sim Version)

Download PES2017 ProEvo Gameplay MOD Update Revision 8 by InMortal

–ProEvo Sim Stats (Copy on Download/ and add in dpfilelist)(with dpflistgenerator)
-Game Speed -15% (try play in speed 0)
-Body model tweaks
-Through pass adjusted
-Ball effect reduced
-Animations tweaks


Update R7 (Sim Version)

Improved air body control
Phisical battles adjusted
Improved ball liberty

Update R6 (Sim Version)

– New Physics WIP Beta
Improved limb collision system
Improved air and ground/run battles
Improved ball rebounds
Improved feedback battles (vibration)

Update R5 (Sim Version)

-Slower game
-Physics ball tweaks
-Ground Pass adjusted
-Deep Pass adjusted
-High Pass adjusted

Update 4 R4 (Arcade Version)

-Timming inputs
-Better Player reaction
-AI Coefficient Tweak
-Physical Battles Tweak

Update 3

Compatible DLC 2.0

Update 0.2

IA Attacks
IA Shoots and Cross Rating Tweaks

Update 0.1

-Battle Tweaks
-Controls Tweaks


-Tempo Tweaks
-Shoots power reduced
-GK Tweaks
.Ball Control Tweaks


  1. Previous gameplay R7 – was the best gameplay I ever play! The creator of it is the God! No stupid scripts from computer and YOU NEED REALLY WORK TO SCORE THE GOAL THEN YOU PLAY AGAINST SERIOUS TEAMS but I want to say that this version more faster than R7, I mean that the passes became faster and I need only 2 passes to reach the opposite side. R7 – is the ideal gameplay for me.

    also I don’t understand what I need to do with EDIT file….in R8 version

  2. Hello there! I copy and paste the cpk file you giving us at the data folder in the game directory and the exe file as well. When i try to run the game from that exe gives me an error “can’t initiate steam..” but if i run it via steam it runs normally but nothing seems to change at the gameplay… Do i have to do something else except the copy paste? do i have to generate dpfilelist.bin or something? i tried it on your previous versions as well but nothing… I have the original steam version of the game and at the moment using the Smoke patch. I’d like to play the game slower and smoother cause it became faster after the last official updates… I’m playing PES since PES4 and never had a problem with patches. I can’t think what’s wrong cause it’s just a simple copy paste… if you know anything please help… thanks

  3. May i ask if you can change ball trajectory of direct freekicks to make it more realistic? I mean to shoot higher over the wall and that the ball falls quicker?
    Would be great, if you can check

  4. SAME HERE.. it say encounter problem with pes2017 if i run with this exe file. (R7,R8) done rebuilding CPK file and replace dt18 and still leave these file there with original exe to play.
    dunno if it affected the game play or not

  5. Best gameplay and it is better than r7
    Because this is realistic gameplay
    You are the best of gameplay mod
    Thanks for your time for this work


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