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PES 2017: How To Fix Lag for Demo or Full (By Del Choc)


PES 2017 : How to Fix Lag

Tutorial To Fix Lag For PES2017 (Best Solutions)

– Update Graphic Driver (Computer / System Properties/ Device Manager/ Display Adapter/ RightClick Graphic card and Click Update Driver).
– Change PES 2017 Settings (according to PC specs).
– Change PES 2016 Compatibility settings.
– Detect Dedicated Graphic Card (Nvidia or AMD).
– Clean Windows using “JetClean” (Free).
– Boost your Computer using “JetBoost” (Free).
– Remove Adware or Malware using “SuperAntiSpyware” (Free Trial).

* My Tutorial Video:


* Download Links:

▷ JetClean: http://adf.ly/1X297N
▷ JetBoost: http://adf.ly/1X29fa
▷ SuperAntiSpyware Free Trial: http://adf.ly/1PEzXh


  1. I tried Vsync off in the Nvidia Settings but it caused more lag! and i was like whaaaaat? xD So i removed that step from my video, if you can focus in video you will see i cut that part and shows a different page with “vsync off” after choosing “High performance nvidia”.

  2. hi. on UCL, after a fault, a goal, its not smooth from reply to the game…but on exhibition its fine.


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