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PES 2017 GreenPatch v1.0 + v1.1 by Arrow


PES 2017 Green Patch v1.0 by Arrow + v1.1

Download PES2017 GreenPatch Update 1.0 by Arrow

Features :

+add new bundes league
+add new boot
+add new kit
+add mod 4k
+add mod PS4
+add new ball pack
+add new Stadium ( exterior view )
+add new face 4k
+all licensed leagues
+Konami compatibility update from version 1 and version 2
+real name coaches all teams
+add new update menu


Credits: IDK Kitmaker’ InMortal’ Estarlen Silva’ zero’ Ggblues’ PES LOGO’
Ali_ZIKZAK’ Oxarapesedit’ Oxarapesedit’ WENS’ PES Professionals

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

GreenPatch V 1.1 by Arrow (released 26 Nov.):

new update for kit referee
update 1.2 best update
Installing the kit for greenpatch


Some people say ps4 What is fashion?
Ps4 fashion to bring up the grass and enhanced graphics and Fysa Stadium and Tvrdrvaz·h and …
Was generally similar ps4
And if someone has a good system really enjoys this patch

Good luck, arrow!


  1. por favor solucionen el problema, por que arranca el juego y se queda pensando y no entramas al juego.


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