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PES 2017 GFX Next-Gen v2 by GO’IP


GFX Next-Gen Version 2 For PES17 by PES Mod Go’ip

Download 2017 GFX NG v2

– Player Movements
– Facial Animation
– New Celebrations at 120
– Wide Turf
– New Light
– Real Gameplay

Some improvements:
– New Crowd with Shadow
– White Pitch on MjTs Stadiumpack
– Player Reflection
– Adding a Little Blur on DOF ( maybe it will be upgraded again in v3
– Pitch Colors are Fresher
– Ambient Player Looks Real



Fix Force Close When ML, BAL, and Select Celebration
Optimize Lag


Generate under GFX V2

Note :
– Previous Version is Needed and Generate it Below
– When editing Clebrations the Player will Force Cloe, Preferably Before Generate this MOD, First Select the Player Celebrations to 120 if You Want to See a New Celebration
– This Pitch is Compatible on AZ Stadiumpack and MjTs Stadiumpack, Do not Know Whether the Other Stadiumpack will be Compatible, So that if There is a White Pitch on Another Stadiumpack, Recomended to use a Pitch Compatible with the Stadiumpack

*Respect My Work
*Don’t Rework This MOD
*I Hope to Review and Report Bugs

Special Thanks to :
– Aziz Setiono ( Az Mods )
– Muhammad Jana ( MjTs-140914 )
– Devil Cold52


  1. the game crash when I use multiswitcher to play pes. Celebration crash when I change that player


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