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PES 2017 GFX Mod Final by Chuny


PES 2017 GFX Mod Final Version by Chuny

Download PES2017 GFX Mod 3.0 by Chuny

Inside the PACK you’ll find two options: One for ULTRA HIGH PCs SPECS, which is what I’m using in the screenshots. And one for HIGH/MED PCs, which will give you the same overall feeling but with less sparks and chimes. Shouldn’t make your PES lag at all, unless of course you have a low-end PC, in which case there’s nothing I can do.​

mediafire tusfiles


INSTALLATION: Unpack the PES 2017 GFX MOD FINAL.rar Then get into the folder which suits your System Specs (ULTRA OR HIGH-MED) and copy all of its content to PES 2017 ROOT FOLDER (usually something like: C:\Program Files(x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\). That’s it! Enjoy the game! (NOTE: You can ENABLE/DISABLE the GFX MOD by pressing the SCREEN LOCK key on your keyboard once you are in the game).​

This should work with any other patch you half (including turf-packs from other modders). For example, I myself am using Fruits Pack (Turf, Sweat, etc), and Inmortal Stadiums Pack (Allianz/Old Trafford). But you could use it with any other Turf Pack you want. My suggestions is Fruits Turf V1 because that is the one I’m using.​

This MOD was tested and optimized for 1920×1080 and I use Borderless Gaming (https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming). I can’t guarantee how it will look on other screen resolutions (specially if you play downsampled).

Feel free to use this in your patches, include it in your websites, whatever you want. As long as you credit me if you do.



  1. Everybody is concentrating on creating gfx patches and useless sweetfx releases…

    Why do nobody create a real patch vor the camera settings someting like Sider 2.4 for pes 2017.

    We already have 1000000 sweetfx patches!

  2. Game is running but i get an error something like “pow(f e) cant be used use abs(f)” and the colours are kinda weird like blue

  3. not exactly sider 2.4 tried PES 2016 but it did not do was let people make the Sider 2.4 for 2017 and mutt demo

  4. The message you get upon start up is just a Warning for the Shader maker. Nothing to worry about. The Mod will still work as intended. Don’t worry about the Menu colors. Just focus on what you see during matches (gameplay).

  5. Can somebody contact them maybe so that they can adapt Sider for pes 2017, i know last year they did this for Pes 2016, it was created for 2015 but they adapt it to 2016.

    I will be really greatfull for this.

    Pes 2017 is a great game, but without the Sider tool i cannot have the real experience an pleasure …

    Thank you in advance for your reply’s


  6. Yes thank you Yelmorab
    I also look for Sidr tool for PES 2017
    And did not get it

    I don’t know if some one Make Sider tool Pes 2017 or not
    Please, if I could get it let us know


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