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PES 2017 Gameplay Mod by Ethan2


PES 2017 Gameplay Mod by Ethan2

Preview Gameplay Patch 2017
Worked hard to achieve this fantastic result.

mega zippyshare

By modulating the various aspects of the game I managed to recreate much more dynamic and unpredictable situations.

For each game situation (corner kick, cross, long throws, etc etc) I created at least 4 different CPU reaction situations.

Have you ever missed the head ball in the area creating a scrum inside it?

I propose this work hoping you will enjoy it.

Try it! Good pes!


  1. can you please help me how to use the sider? I have professionals patch v3 which already implements sider. Can you please let me know how to add this module or how to activate this gameplay? Would be a huge help.

  2. where is gameplay2.lua files??….
    when i check inside module folder there is nothinf gameplay2.lua file ….

  3. this gameplay not use sider, just copy this file to ‘Data’ folder in your PES 2017 folder. before copy pease back up your ‘dt18_win.cpk’

  4. copy this file to ‘Data’ folder in your PES 2017 folder, but please back up your ‘dt18_win.cpk’.

  5. just copy this file to ‘Data’ folder in your PES 2017 folder, but before do that please back up your ‘dt18_win.cpk’.

  6. this file not use sider, just copy this file to ‘Data’ folder in your PES 2017 folder, but before that please back up your ‘dt18_win.cpk’.

  7. impresionante!!!! muy bueno me encanto,, con algunos detalles de velocidad pero leve y quedaria perfecto!!! igual me sorprendio la dinamica en los pases y ahora se le puede ganar al arquero groso!!!! gracias..

  8. You deserve a ban from entire web, you do have a superiority complex… Poor Peruvian chef

  9. The gameplay is not good. The AI attack is average but the defense is godlike! Perfect blocking and pressure for 90 minutes. That’s not realistic and it’s not fun.

  10. Something different about this gameplay as compared to others that I’ve tried. Looks skillful and realistic. Well Done and Keep up your Best effort.

  11. Why do you tell me it? You don’ t remember your work in OIC last year and I’m tested your work…I don’ t understand it.

  12. Why?!? Who is peruvian chef? is your friend? But you don’t remember when I tested yours gameplay in OIC?…What’s happened?

  13. dt18 is of Alex don’ t mine, so is write in dt18, I use and I don’t tell if my dt18, I have modified gameplay in the sider…..and after I speak in spanish because is my mother language…where is the problem? I don’t serach you why you have this problem with me? I only tell that this parameter in sider gameplay with dt18 alex18/02 I see a good result…nothing more.

  14. Io?!?! ma dai Mvp77 io non sapevo nulla di questa cosa, questi dt18 li ho avuti dentro una cartella che fa parte di un lavoro fatto da Kilay sulla sua patch, e l’ha data a me, se mi sono innervosito è perchè prima di dare subito addosso si potrebbe chiedere come mai si è verificata questa cosa.

    Tu sai con quanto piacere ho seguito il tuo lavoro della stagione passata, e non mi sarei mai permesso di farti un torto.

    Spero che questa incomprensione sia risolta, e a proposito dove sei finito? non ci sei più su oic…

  15. great work bro.. makes the game a bit more exitting.. but sometimes the game freeze especially when the ball is about to pass the goal line..


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