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PES 2017 Classic Facepack by Muminek Bambo


PES 2017 Classic Face Pack by Muminek Bambo

Download Classic Facespack by Muminek Bambo

mediafire tusfiles

6 classic faces in the pack:

Van Basten

Check out my youtube channel for more classic pes stuff

www.youtube.com/MuminekBambo – the address is also a password.


  1. dont be such a haters dudes making faces its difficult and classic faces even more, there are not good quality imgs on the web
    keep improving mumiek1

  2. I’m not a hater dude and it’s good that he’s trying but that $hit is just funny!Just look at Best,he looks like a psycho killer or a ghost and Van Basten like he has a down syndrome or something lol

  3. Maybe they want Cristiano face number 4378 or Neymar new hair cut of the week.
    I didn´t use Best and Van Basten (already have it), but the others 4 looks fine, specially ingame. I wish they were more facemakers for classic players like mumiek.

  4. porque no nos mostras vos tu trabajo?, hace poco que este usuario comenzo a hacer faces, logicamente no seran perfectas pero por algun lugar se empieza, a mi criterio estan bastante bien (sobretodo ingame), mas teniendo en cuenta que NADIE hace face clasicas… todos hacen siempre las mismas, un desastre.

  5. There are very few quality photos of these playes, give him a brake. Why don’t you try instead of bitching and complaining?

  6. I didn’t bitch or complain dude i just said that $hit is just funny!It’s not my fault if you people don’t have a sense of humour.Like a dark anti-hero would say…WHY SO SERIOUS???…I don’t like to play with Classic players so i don’t care for their faces and if they can’t find good pics for them then just don’t do them instead of making them look like retards.


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