1. Thank you for your hard work.

    please could you make below classic faces.

    1 Denílson——————–(Classic Brazil)
    2 Emerson——————–(Classic Brazil)
    3 SYLVINHO——————(Classic Brazil/ Barcelona)
    4 JUNINHO——————-(Classic Brazil/ Lyon)
    5 Thomas Hassler———–(Classic Germany)
    6 LITTBARSKI—————-(Classic Germany)
    7 A. MÖLLER—————–(Classic Germany)
    8 BREHME——————–(Classic Germany)
    9 COSTACURTA————–(Classic Italy/Milan)
    10 ROBERTO DONADONI—–(Classic Italy/Milan)
    11 F. COCO——————–(Classic Italy/Milan)
    12 DJORKAEFF—————-(Classic France)
    13 COUPET——————–(Classic France/ Lyon)
    14 C. DUGARRY—————(Classic France)
    15 FRANK LEBOEUF———-(Classic France)
    16 NUNO GOMES————-(Classic Portugal/Benfica)
    17 HARRY KEWELL———–(Classic Liverpool)
    18 LUIS GARCIA————-(Classic Spain/Barcelona/Liverpool)
    19 ALAN SHEARAR———–(Classic England/Newcastle)
    20 J. KOLLER—————-(Classic Borussia Dortmund)
    21 G. MILITO—————-(Classic Argentina)
    22 KAREMBEU—————(Classic Real Madrid)
    23 Emilio Butragueño——-(Classic Spain/Real Madrid)
    24 Hugo Sánchez———–(Classic Real Madrid)

  2. Thanks! great work, could add to your future projects the ANDONI ZUBIZARRETA’ face? Regards

  3. sergen yalçın ilhan mansız hami mandıralı jardel popescu pascal nouma bolic balic rapaiç faces Please

  4. please mahdi
    Share the new facepack & try to make new faces like the list in “wisam86” comment


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