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PES 2017 Chelsea Nike Kits (With 2 Version) By Geo_Craig90


PES 2017 and PES 2016 Chelsea Nike Kits (With 2 Versions)

Chelsea Nike Kit V1 Chelsea Nike Kit V2

mediafire tusfiles

Including GK Kits for each others Version and UCL Font number Chelsea season 2016/17. ENJOY!


  1. When I put in the patch and generate wit DP File list generator, the third kit does not work. For some unknown reason it is replaced by Liverpool`s third black kit. What should I do to fix this, or can you do something?

  2. maybe doesnt work on smoke mate. sorry..
    but I taste on PTE patch and PES Professionals Patch work perfectly..
    try on GGblues post. they used smoke patch too..

  3. I also see the file is a .cpk extension, I’m new to this patch, I use PS3, please how do I apply the patch? Thank you.

  4. Is there any way to convert the flat image used for console versions to cpk? I created 2 kits online and have the images, but can’t create a cpk to generate..


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