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PES 2017 AutoSwitcher 6.0 AIO FINAL by Ginda


PES 17 AutoSwitcher 6.0 All In One  [Final Version]

Download PES2017 AutoSwitcher Update v6.0 AIO FINAL

[+] Dynamic Weather.
[+] Stadium Server.
[+] Set Final Stadium.
[+] Support Anthem.
[+] Final Match Sounds
[+] 2nd GK 17/18.
[+] New 100 Dynamic Sky.
[+] Tunnel.
[+] Goal Sound.
[+] Tag Heur Board.
[+] Snow Mode.
[+] Scoreboards.
[+] Trophy Presentation.
[+] Entrance.
[+] Referee Kits.
[+] Corner Flag.
[+] Fix Bugs, Random Crash, Stuck, etc.


[+] Keep Calm and Enjoy the Game

Check on blog for more details https://www.facebook.com/Ginda.Blog/

[+] You must uninstall AutoSwithcer first.
[+] Install AutoSwitcher v6.0 to your PES 2017 directory.
[+] Run game from tools [double click on PES icon in tools].
[+] Don’t close the tools.

[+] If you activate the mod in tools, but not appear in the game, you can activate it manually via sider.ini. Remove this mark “;” on mods you want to enable.

[+] Special thanks to juce & nesa24
[+] Abdelaziz, Aly M. Elshaarawy, Awaluddin Aco, Akramic, cRoNoS, denny, ErickTuts, Ethan2, Geo_Craig90, G-Style, Hyundath, Jek_Tetep, JesusHrs, KaToon Natthajak, kilay, Leo05, Lokillospa, Matservant, Mauri_d, Muhammad Jana, Nando Showza, Pribowo Subekti, ronito, sxsxsx, tommy_b, Txak, Wolves85, zlac and all modders. Thanks to all of you for making this happen!


  1. Sent him Facebook message and it will reply with password.. Keep Calm and Enjoy the Game.. That’s the password

  2. how can i use the PREVIOUS soundtrack in the game , not this one from this tool ???
    I want to use the tool , but without this soundtrack , if is unchecked in tool , in the game it is the same soundtrack, just turned off . ?????

  3. How can i add barca 3rd kit 2017/18 to autoswitcher as the 3rd kit is of the previous season


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