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PES 2017 1. FC Köln Facepack by FR Facemaker


PES17 1. Fußball-Club Köln 01/07 Facepack by FR Facemaker

Download Koln Players Faces Pack For PES2017

The pack includes the following players:
B. Scott 70522
B. Verstraete 46979
D. Drexler 70529
Jorge Mere 107876
K. Schindler 70527
L. Schaub 116354
L. Sobiech 70523
M. Bader 70526
N. Hauptmann 70532
R. Czichos 70524
S. Terodde 70531
V. Koziello 104666
J. Krahl 70206

IDs for T99 V3.1 for other patch change ID according to your Patch.


How To Install Koln Pack In Pro Evolution Soccer 2017:
1. Extract the archive with winrar and copy .cpk to 2017\download\
2. Open and select DP in DpFileList Generator
3. Add .cpk by FR as last checked, generate DpFileList and play game.


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