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PES 2016 Yaku Gameplay Patch v0.2


PES 2016 Yaku Gameplay Patch v0.2 Update 22.3.16

Download PES2016 Yaku Gameplay Patch 0.2 Update

Content (over 380 changes):
* Realistic ball physics in control and shots
* Better GK and Referee
* Improved movement for A1 and P1
* Speed fixed
* Fixed some Gameplay Bugs
* Compatible with any patch (Offline & Online)


コンテンツ( 380以上の変化) Gamer
* A1及びP1の改善の動き

Comment your experience, Friends.


  1. This gameplay patch brings a lot of enhancements, making the game a bit more attractive, but not efficiently harder.

  2. I copy all files of this patch in the pes file location ????? and I use dpfileliste Generator ??????

  3. look my friend author, don’t take wrong, i appreciate your efforts but to be honest i dont see any radical changes at all.the AI still make these scripted low shots and never shoots over the upper post and referee is just the same…very very few fouls….this arcade game…because pes 2016 is arcade, is unfixable..sad but true

  4. I Play always I dont see any free kick fouls from AI. any method for increase Agression players Fouls? . I need fun free kick.
    All the gameplay look so bored lol


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