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PES 2016 Yaku Gameplay Patch v0.1


PES 2016 PC Gameplay Patch v0.1 by Yaku

Download Yaku Gameplay Patch 0.1 For PC
Content (over 350 changes) Gamer :

* Realistic ball physics in control and shots
* Better GK and Referee
* Improved movement for A1 and P1
* Bugs fixed


How to Install?

1. Extract the files
2. Copy the files to your PES 2016 Directory (C:/Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2016)
3. Run the game with “Yakuゲームプレイパッチv0.1.exe”
4. Play in Super Star Level


* A1及びP1の改善の動き

2.コピー( C : 2016 /プロエボリューションサッカー/プログラムファイル/コナミ)


  1. Buuuff¡¡… Without dubt , in my opinion ,the best gameplay until this moment in all aspects , only I can say that you have to try … Thanks so much …

  2. Yo no veo que cambie mucho, sigue teniendo la misma jugabilidad que antes. JesusHrs, vos tenés el modo Super Star Nivel?

  3. Ah, gracias jajaja, ya no sabía en qué idioma preguntarlo para que me respondan, jajaja.
    Otra pregunta. Cómo te das cuenta que la jugabilidad cambió? Para mí sigue siendo exactamente igual, no noto ni un poco de diferencia.

  4. Me dispuse a probar bien el parche, jugué un partido y la verdad es que el movimiento de la pelota es más real, lo noto como mejor, la defensa la sigo notando igual de mala, la agarré con Gaitán, corrí recto y me pasé a 3 jugadores muy fácilmente, gané por 6 goles de diferencia.

  5. Hola.
    Juego con el Tottenham Hotspur, salí campeón de la Europa League y del Campeonato por muchos puntos, me parece que no tiene un equipo tan grande como los que mencionaste. Ayer había jugado contra el Arsenal por la fase de grupos de la champions y me costó bastante ganarle, recién jugué con el mismo equipo y le gane 6-0 si querés te paso la foto para que veas que no miento. Es muchísimo más fácil, o así lo noto yo. No sé si será porque es más fácil tirar pases o porque la defensa es horrible.

  6. También olvidé mencionar, que el ataque es muy malo. Según el parche modificaron solo la defensa, pero el ataque es pésimo, tiran todos pelotazos por las bandas y nunca llegan a la pelota. No sé la verdad que pensar. No me recomendarías algún parche que mejore todo? O el que usás vos.

  7. do the com make shots up over the upper post and not the usual low scripted shots?how is the gk reaction? and how are the referees?do they whistle something?thes are the main 3 issues of this pes 2016 gameplay..any improvements about these issues?

  8. michael67 it is a very good gameplay u can see ball hiting post goalkeepers better reflexes they dive faster react faster..refrees are good judgement are made better somethimes offiside mistake like in real it is really a good gameplay play in superstar level

  9. but i mean, do the AI shoots from far sometimes and high shots over the bar?(not the all the same usual low AI shots)

  10. yes surely refs have been improved they give cards appropriate for the situation or tackle

  11. I see no difference with fouls and cards. Do you just overwrite the dt18_win.cpk file into the data folder?

  12. awesome gameplay, I love it… more realistic,.. n cool GK movement :v thanks a lot to YAKU

  13. Really nice gameplay, favourite so far, lovely ball physics, transitions, and the CPU defense has improved. However, CPU shooting accuracy needs to be lowered, they never miss, and if they do it usually hits the post.

  14. The best gameplay.
    I love CPU movement when they defence. I like GK movement too.
    I don’t know about the referees, for me it’s still same.

    my score when i use this gameplay
    Arsenal – Chelsea = 2 – 1
    Arsenal – MU = 4 – 0. 2 goals from cross ball and one goal from corner. The last from counter attack.
    Arsenal – M. City = 1 – 0

  15. unfortunately i don’t see high shots yet…the rest….well..i have to test a little bit more but overall the feeling with this gameplay is good.I hope you can improve high shots…i mean…is it possible that AI never ever ever shots high, or over the upper bar like in any real football match?only those frustating scripted low shots on the second post and all ..all..all with the same power…well…if you can overcome that, you are really a genious…..

  16. when i extracted its file. i saw folder “data ” . should i replace the one in original konami’s “data” folder. couse i ve just copy file 18.dtk into original konami’s ” data” folder, Not replace “data” folder from your file. thx

  17. good gameplay but game speed is fast.if you can decrease the game and ball speed it can better

  18. Anyone have an issue that; the game simply crash and stop working mid-game? ( please help )


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