Home PES 2016 Patch PES 2016 Unofficial PTE Patch Update (AIO) by ramin_cpu

PES 2016 Unofficial PTE Patch Update (AIO) by ramin_cpu


PES 2016 Unofficial PTE Patch Update AIO by ramin_cpu


Features :
* Added new faces (total of 30 Facebook)
* Update national team kits
* Added New scoreboard
* Added New turf

mediafire trainbit

* Added new font
* Added Adboard Pack Version 2
* Updated 16/17 season kits
* Update the composition and number of players
* Updated 16/17 season transfers until 9 August


  1. hooo, nice work.. last, must copy edit.bin or no?? if next update transfer , and i replace edit bin had problem?? addboard work?? @@

  2. how to install please, im new with this. since pte patch final ver not update the transfer. thanks sir

  3. Our bad! Next time will have credits, or will not be approved on site. Patches without credits are not approved, we missed this one :|

    Also, waiting from ramin_cpu to add credits for this.

  4. Hi HagI : it´s not your bad .. every patchmakers or compilationsmakers know what they must do … but “no credits=no post” is a great position .. thanks and keep up your great work …

  5. hello i install the filies but the game didnt read them i think it says error of version but am on the last one, wat could be the problem here?

  6. There is still problem with Borussia Dortmund team in exhibition match, it’s keep loading game over and over..

  7. dudde please, who can i install new kits cpk? i can´t make work , help me please.

    cpomo puedo instalar nuevos kits? no puedo hacer que funcione ayuda porfavor


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