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PES 2016 UCL LED Movie Adboards by Za Man


PES2016 UCL LED Movie Adboards by Mohamed Mohiey – Za Man

Here is my UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2015-2016 animated movie adboards patch for PES2016 hope you like it guys but PLZ consider that this patch was made by an amateur designer which is me with basic designing skills and on 2D designing and animating programs the movie length is 5 minutes and you can check it out from the link prior to downloading it.

zippyshare uploaded

P.S: I have no problem with any patcher to use my patch in his work but to state my name and to credit me for the patch, PLZ respect 16 hours of work.


  1. it has nothing to do with any DLC as long as you have no patch related to adboards and its config in your download folder.

  2. as long as you are using an adboards patch or any other patch with config setting the whiteness will be there.

  3. try to remove all the patches in your download folder except for my UCL adboards and see if it displays correctly in game or not as i am sure that the problem is a conflict with another patch.

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  5. you can combine my patch and your used adboards patch together in one CPK with one config file to avoid the whiteness error.

  6. the problem is not in my patch, the problem is a conflict with a patch that you are using, if you want to make sure of what i am saying try to remove all the patches from your download folder except my adboards and see if it displayed correctly in game or not.

  7. Can you add the center to the adboards from source?
    Many of us here have that problem and i think it can solve if you correct it from there
    We can’t just remove the other patches in our game, and your adboards are awesome

  8. hello, za man. is it default adboard ? means that it appears in every kind of gameplay? ( league, cup, friendly match, etc ) or it appears only in ucl mode ?


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