PES 2016 Update Transfers 07 Aug 2016 PTE 6.0 by niniboy

Download Transfers Update PTE Patch 6.0

Updated Transfers 07 Aug:

W. Szczesny – Roma
D. Capel – Anderlecht
Zielinski – Napoli
E. Ponce – Granada
G. Gomez – Milan +(overall rating)
Flanagan – Burnley
F.Llorente – Swensea City
P. Djilobodji – Sunderland
M. Moreno -Deportivo La Coruna
N. Sansone – Villareal CF

1) Copy “EDIT00000000” file to pes 2016 save folder (but first backup the original one)

If you find some error, please report.


© Update Transfer last 07/08/2016
© Update Formation + Subs Overall Fix
© Update Stats Players

© All Big Leagues

® Premier League All Teams
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Please Respect Work.

Ahmed Kralani
PTE patch

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  1. why can’t use Napoli as Player 1, game can’t be started.
    game started when Napoli use for Player 2.

  2. quick question:
    1. reset tatto 330 + ludvan v2 ?
    2. fix stadium home estarlen silva v2 europe?

  3. thanks, but keep it up bro. so if you not busy make two version. first for tatto and second for no tatto, because many people not use tatto pack like me. and many people use tatto pack. btw pogba confirmed move to manchester and you can change name e. bertrand to e. bailly :D

  4. itu pakai pte 6.0??

    tapi kok yang punya saya tampilan pte 6.0 nya gak seperti itu??
    sama kit nya juga belum update??

  5. Please can you fix these things in your next update?
    Regini Napoli -> Sampdoria end loan
    Chalobah Napoli -> Chalsea end loan

    Zielinski AMF->CMF
    Allan DMF -> CMF
    Jorginho CMF -> DMF

    Also the game crash when Napoli plays home. Which stadium pack do you use?

  6. I will do this thinks in next update i use stadium pack v1 i think from eastern im not sure .

  7. Put them as the away side and it will work. Was facing same issues with BVB whenever i play them as home team. Same for some other teams…


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