1. If dont work , repack the cpk and change id player with the same id of your pacth , and next build again

  2. Can you post a video tutorial of how to get this cpk file to work? I don’t have Fosu-Mensah as a player on PES 2016, I created a player, but don’t know how to add him to Man Utd or make this face patch work

  3. I found this–when I open CPK file, inside it in the end of all folders there was another CPK file, instead of many files like FACE,Hair etc, then I open this CPK and everything was there. I created new CPK with native id(56308) and which I wrote before(111452),but unfortunately it DOES NOT work for me((( if somebody find an answer pleas share with us))

  4. As long as i know that id 11xxxxx is dont work , so the one solution is only take player from free agent with work id , and i do that , i take player from free agent with work id ( ex : 62xx ) and then transfer it to man.utd and next edit the profil of player like change the name or other

    May be next time i’ll make tutorial video , but not now , because i’m in examination


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