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PES 2016 TESTED Gameplay by Harlock


PES 2016 TESTED Gameplay by Harlock

Harlock PES 2016 Gameplay

In this gameplay: Changed replay goal chances, improved goalkeeper and referee, shoots, fouls. At your request, the gameplay will be changed in future versions.
Compatible with all patches!


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  1. please, do a patch with better response of controls just like pes 2013, this is the only thing that fans wnat like me

  2. awesome! i tested this gameplay and it is pretty awesome everything is perfect refs are good goalkeepers are excellent we get to se replays on every chance created great gameplay ..i appreciate your work harlock keep on upgrading and making patch..nice work harlock

  3. The response of controls is pretty good actually.
    The only thing that is kinda “laggy” is the double X tackle, but that’s intentional because if not, you’ll be pressing double X all day long.

  4. I’m gonna try it later today and write my thoughts on it.
    I liked your first gameplay patches, but I felt like the other ones had no improvement.
    Reading the above comments, it seems like this one is the best.

  5. if someone post data 10 and data 12 and old files from jenkey and say its new engine gameplay and all the bollocks…what do you think it is then?(i am not talking about this one)

  6. Michael67 This dt10 have been stolen and the game is now stupid! The AI is baaaad

  7. Gameplay best of the best
    Your the best harlock
    Smooth in game i like this gameplay by harlock

    Thank you very much

  8. it a good patch but AI didnt attack that much.. i beat barca 4-0 and barca just have 1 shot on target..wow i’m using liverpool with 92 team spirit and barca with 99 team spirit with good player on their side n still lose to me what an easy ..and like nothing change

  9. i respect your work n if your gonna do an improvement…do it like a month or so.. if u just tweak like a week and test it like 2 or 3 game that not a gameplay…..you need to test the gameplay for like 30 game or something n see how you win and lose on 30/30 or not with the gameplay

    im such terrible in english…sorry i like your gameplay n i respect your work.. no hate just love n put your pes on

  10. Dear users pes-patch Site or PES fans!!!I to you with good news!I increased the stadiums slot from 39 to 45!

  11. i said…i am not talking about this one…who want to understand, can understand..who want to believe whatever…their problem too…game over!

  12. why the AI just got 1 or 3 somtime just 5/6 shot all overall i play your patch..it good just some AI with the attack denfese not just AI but also for p1…team tat have a 99 team spirit should have a better to play better than a 94 team spirit….make it balance and hard for the AI

  13. esta muy bueno el gameplay la velocidad es muy buena y la IA se comporta bien
    thanks harlock

  14. E’ fuffa. Attendo pes 2017 sperando in qualcosa di meglio.
    Unica domanda, ma anche su ps4 fa cagare in questo modo ?

  15. Tried it. Scoring is more difficult, I don’t know if it’s because the IA improved defensively or because the keepers are better. Now even regular keepers can make awesome saves, that didn’t happen before.
    I wanted something more difficult and I got it, for now there’s nothing I can complain about.


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