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PES 2016 Swing Logos Pack For MLS and Concacaf Patch V1.0


PES 2016 Swing Logos Pack For MLS and Concacaf Patch V1.0 For PTE Patch 5.1

MLS -CONCACAF Swing Logos Preview

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Installation: add the cpk file to your download folder and update your dpfilelist.bin file (put it below the MLS & CONCACAF cpk).

Credits: Jenkey1002, Sxsxsx, El Pocho.


  1. Thanks my friend :) i really wanted this as i like Swing Logos more :D
    Best Regards!

  2. You are welcome buddy ..keep up your fantastic work with videos ..you are the best ¡¡¡ :)

  3. i want you to tell you something about a problem i have.When i install MLS with Concafa patch 1.0 with the concafa swing logos and i start the game all is working fine,but when i install the Adboards for PTE patch and i enter the game then the teams of MLS are there but there are not the adboards also when i remove the MLS and Concafa patch 1.0 from the DpFilelist then the Adboards are working fine.My problem is i cannot have both the MLS & Concafa teams with their real names and the ADboards together.I can only have either the Adboards alone without the MLS teams or only the MLS teams without ADboards can you help me please someone?

  4. Hello, i tried the cpk file you gave me and the ADboards with the MLS teams are working fine.BUT the problem now is that every team that i play pg:Barcelona or Juventus or Pari it only shows the adboards Fly Emirates,VISA,Coca Cola and etc instead of Quatar,Jeep and the other unique adboards of their teams :/ any help?
    AH also when i changed the EDIT000000 in my KONAMI file to put broken’s PSD V.2 Update then all the names in CONCAFA League were wrong like instead of team Real Espana was AL NASR etc and in MLS League instead of saying Major League Soccer it was saying PAS League! Then i used a CPK file called fixed idioma to correct the names but nothing changed :( ANY HELP JESUS?

  5. It worked fine the CPK File you gave me but the other adboards like Qatar or TIM A or T-Bet and etc doesn’t appear,it hs only Fly Emirates , Coca Cola, Visa and some other :/ help?

  6. Also i have another problem with MLS-concafa names when i entered the psd v.2 update from ramidbroken then all names in Concafa went all wrong (al sahr,al bahar etc) and MLS’name was Pas League and not Major League Soccer,after i entered the CPK named fix idioma to correct the names but nothing changed :/ help?

  7. You can not use that Edit0000000 ..it is not adapted to MLS & CONCACAF Patch ..regards

  8. Hmm that’s sad to hear because ramidbroken’s PSD are awesome and in his summary of his PSD he says “All transfers in MLS+Updated line ups for MLS too” so what’s the point in making updates for MLS and Concafa if the names are all wrong ? :/ i mean it is wasteful can’t you do something to match ramid’s PSD with your MLS-Concafa correct names? :(

  9. Yes.. Ramindbroken woul must update the stats over the MLS & CONCACAF edit0000000 ..he did it before with MLS patch , but yet he has not done it over the MLS & CONCACAF patch… I hope he do it soon ..regards

  10. Hi Jhon: no problem .. but I´m sorry , it´s not difficult but it´s too much complex for explain here … I should need too much space … I hope sombody makes a Tutorial soon, I hate to make tutorials, because my PC is not enough powerful for Video issues and it takes a lot of hours to process them ..sorry .. regards

  11. Anyway that issue is still a little “green” , I would expect a little more time to do something with it .. regards


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