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PES 2016 St. James Park By LFCFAN99


PES 2016 St. James Park (Newcastle United) By LFCFAN99

Preview St. James Park Stadium Download PES16 St. James Park Stadium By LFCFAN99


So finally the full version of St. James Park is ready.

Modeling and texturing: LFCFAN99 (BEBO9)
Pitch: Eastrlen Silva
Special thanks to sxsxsx for his stadium exporter tool.

PES 16 St. James Park


  1. I add it to pack stadiums estarlen, but some like stamford bridge or anfield, go as stadion13 etc, as I can rename?

  2. Sorry but I really dont know how to change name right now because i change it in blender. Ill try to find the way to rename it.

  3. thanks for answering, if I can add to estarlen patch, and 43/43 include stadiums, but some lose the name and listed numbers, hopefully find one friend solution, let me know anything

  4. Thank you for the stadium, good job!
    If I ask you, can you write a really short tutorial how to use it? For example if we have a Stadium Pack, how can we import to have also this and not to lose this others? Thank you!

  5. Pes 2016 St. James Park By LFCFAN99/common/etc.Folder etc delete.Use CRI Packed File Maker create a file CPK St. James Park.

    St. James Park.cpk copy to PES 2016/Download

    CPK and change the file list

  6. delete the etc folder, create the CPK and added it but now does not recognize me stadium

  7. You used DpFileList Generator? St. James Park.cpk must be FileList down under esterlan stadiums.otevřít game and look St.James Park, the stadium name is not changed, only the view of the stadium, sorry for my English

  8. dfile use the list that serves the data pack 4.0, I put down the whole list, and select dlc pack 3.0 data and generate dpfilelist.bin and does not appear the stadium, when metia without deleting the folder etc if the stadium appears but others nameless speak Spanish?


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