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PES 2016 SMoKE Update 8.2.2


PES 2016 SMoKE 8.2 Full Patch + Update 8.2.2 Released 10.04

Download PES 2016 SMoKE 8.2.2

– includes konami DLC 3.0 and 1.04
– online enabled for all copies (Steam must be installed)
– includes online/offline switcher

– ready for new season 15/16 with winter transfers
– correct leagues names
– correct leagues emblems
– correct leagues balls
– all UCL teams available
– Germany Bundesliga replaces PEU league
– Japan J. League replaces PAS league
– American MLS replaces PLA league

– correct tactics and formations
– correct clubs logo
– correct high quality kits for all teams
– most teams have 3rd kits
– correct and updated squads
– correct manager with photo for all teams
– replaced all fake teams (including hidden ML teams)
– all teams have correct home stadium
– correct radar/fans colors for all teams
– new teams added:
Skenderbeu Korce (Albania), Partizani Tirana (Albania), Rapid Wien (Austria), Red bull salzburg (Austria), Gabala FK (Azerbaijan), Bate Borisov (Belarusian), Anderlecht (Belgium), Club Brugge (Belgium), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Hajduk Split (Croatia), Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia), Dila Gori (Georgia), PAOK (Greek), AEK athens (Greek), FC Astana (Kazakhstan), Legia Warszawa (Poland), Lech Poznan (Poland), Steaua Bucuresti (Romania), CSKA Moskva (Russia), Lokomotiv Moskva (Russia), Rubin Kazan (Russia), Spartak Moskva (Russia), Celtic (Scottish), Red star belgrade (Serbia), Malmo (Sweeden), Besiktas (Turkey), Fenerbahçe (Turkey), Trabzonspor (Turkey), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukrain).
Arema Cronus (Indonesia), Persebaya Surabaya (Indonesia), Persib Bandung (Indonesia), Esteghlal FC (Iran), Al Wihdat (Jordan), Pahang (Malaysia), Terengganu (Malaysia), Johor Darul Ta’zim (Malaysia), Warriors (Singapore), Bangkok Glass (Thailand), Muang thong united (Thailand), Ha Noi TnT (Vietnam).

– SMoKE rating system applied for most teams
– a lot of new players (+3000)
– a lot of new faces (+1900)
– corrected personal attributes
– removed duplicated and fake players
– new goalkeeper gloves (27 total)

– correct names for all stadiums
– new stadiums (40 total)
– HD or performance stadium turfs (add-on)

– new boots (100 total)
– new balls (52 total)
– new referee kits
– 12 new scoreboards
– special adboards (add-on)
– multi language support (add-on)

mega mediafire

1. Extract installation files (download all parts, put in the same place then extract)
2. Run installer (Setup 8.2.exe) and select install option
3. Download and install the latest SMoKE update

– Be sure your Antivirus do not bloc or delete any files from the patch.
– it is recommended to remove any previous versions for disk space
– Do not install any konami updates, all included in the patch.
– Starting a new ML and BAL saves is highly recommended.
– This is a standalone patch, anything you add comes at your own risk.

External files (credits):

Stadiums: based on estarlen silva stadium pack
Balls: based on cRoNoS ball pack
Boots: WENS
Executable: konami, 3DM, reloaded and revolt
Faces: (more than 1900 face)
~ 500 faces from pes-patch website (credits to various makers)
~ 1100 faces from pes-stars website (credits to various makers)
~ 100 faces from VirtuaRED (we will replace in future versions)
50% of the kits are genuine smoke files
50% from various makers and patch fans

Special thanks to all the SMoKE patch fans.

Change Log update 8.2.2:

– included konami DLC 3.0 and 1.04
– fixed online errors
– revised players stats (SRS)
– revised teams formations and tactics
– added more youth players
– added more faces (500)
– corrected missing transfers
– corrected players attributes
– check and replace any duplicates
– in match graphic enhancements
– reworked stadium turf textures
– updated coaches
– added more extra cpk
– updated EURO kits
– FL various enhancements


    Not updated :
    1. England
    2. France
    3. Portugal
    4. Croatia
    5. Turkey
    6. Iceland
    7. Russia
    8. Sweden
    9. Poland
    10. Romania
    11. Switzerland
    12. Austria

  2. If you want Quantity, you should use it but if you want quality, you must wait for new PTE

  3. Lo que busco de un parche es que tenga nuevas ligas, nuevos jugadores, equipos con sus licencias, todos los equipos actualizados con sus respectivos jugadores, y jugadores con mejores habilidades, ya que hay muchos jugadores que parecen muy malos y en la vida real juegan mucho mejor.

  4. Their kits are not complete. example >>> EURO Kits.
    I already gave information about EURO Kits above. You can see the list.
    They remove some original faces from KONAMI although those faces are better than the faces which they use.

  5. I think this is the best patch for you.
    They have so many new leagues and their players’s stats are better than original KONAMI or PSD.

  6. Una última pregunta. La MLS, la Bundesliga y la Japan J. League. Tienen a los jugadores actualizados? O sea, tienen los jugadores reales o cualquier jugador?

  7. Euro kits are the ones came with the new dlc 3.0
    If konami didnt update all of them then we will do that.

  8. Euro kits update came with konami dlc 3.0
    If they didnt update all kits then we will soon.

  9. Buenas. Podrias pasarme el archivo EDIT00000000? Ya Que El archivo Que Tengo yo no Me Sirve.

  10. Ya pude solucionar el error del archivo EDIT. Probé el parche y está bueno, lástima los puntajes de los jugadores, para mí están muy por debajo.

  11. It is wise to let the people choose this patch or not.
    We shouldn’t have to jugde their decision.
    Keep the hard work guys
    Still, enjoy the PES
    Hope KONAMI makes the more beautiful game in 2017

  12. its on the right arm in the patch
    i will edit it, until then you can do it in edit competition mode (detailed settings) arm type 2.

  13. Hi again! What I meant was that Konami didn’t add official kits and emblems to some national teams. Did you add them? I’m really interested in your patch, it looks very promising. :) But not having some licensed kits would be a turn of…

  14. All teams have licenced kits, konami made euro update for kits which is added in the patch alongside other stuff from dlc 3.0

    If konami didnt update all kits we will later

  15. What is a (trick)?
    You dont like the patch no problem there are many other free patches

  16. if i have done install the 8.2.0 and 8.2.1, then i just download update 8.2.2 only ?? thanks before for ur awesome job :D

  17. How come some of my players have decreaed in myclub, for example Munir is now 67 and he was 77 before i installed your update

  18. hi everyone, im hearing from people that they have ronaldinho with smoke patch, is that true, because i couldnt find him in master league :( thanks…..and also, do i have to reinstall the add-ons, like adboard

  19. Worked! Set it on type 3 for patches on both arms. Just a thing, can you also edit PEU league as Germany? Same for USA and Japan.

    Thanks for your time Smoke! You the man!

  20. stiil waiting for pte 5.0
    i try pes professionel great graphic ect but the stats are terrible bundesliga is hoorible worng stats names squads everywhere
    smoke the faces are terrible

  21. Lol, scumbag… Don’t worry dido, your patch is one of the best stable patch i’ve ever tried.

  22. Add this DLC and regenerate.
    Search here for PES 2016 Euro 2016 Kit Pack v.6 by MT Games.

  23. One problem, MLS is not PLA League and the real one is Liga MX.
    MLS never play on Libertadores or Sudamericana, only on CONCACAF Champions League.

  24. Il n’y a pas de nouveaux vêtements pour les équipes participant à la Coupe d’Europe en 2016

  25. not yet, next update will have update for Latin america teams, japan league and mls

  26. i havent done any update on my pes 2016 before…can i jst install this patch 8.2? answer pls

  27. Man, I did everything as you wrote and turned on PES. Everything was default, teams, players. What happened?

  28. Did you try it ???
    Smoke team said they are STANDALONE PATCH.
    Will it crash if i add Kits v6 by MT Games ?

  29. Hahaha…yeah that’s the problem.
    That’s why i said if you want quantity, you can use this patch :) but if you looking for quality, you know which patch is the best

  30. Thank you,but is there a way to play with the default konami ratings using your patch (Same rating in DLC 3 ) ?Or maybe MAKE another vesion with the default konami ratings .Please answer me.

  31. Help! Cant get it to work. Do i need older versions?

    When i extract all the files it says missing part 13.

    What do you do with setup 8.2.d01

    When I run 8.2 it says smoke patch 8.2 has not totally installed for the following reason. This file contains invalid data. You will have to run this utility again to completely install smoke patch 8.2

    i had an old version before and it worked fine

  32. The adboards are back to default, and i already had an ad board patch cpk in the download folder running for all teams. Can that be a problem? Do I have to remove all other patches before installing it again? Pls help

  33. Me gusto el parche pero tiene varios herrores, para empezar no creo que tenga el data pack 3.0, solo tiene jugadores creados y tiene traspasos hechos (no todos) y hay algunos jugadores que tienen caras de otros jugadores, por ejemplo en la liga brasileña, ademas faltan jugadores que tendrian que estar en el data pack 3.0 como por ejemplo en Boca Juniors. El resto del parche esta bien, destaco mucho las faces agregadas a diferentes equipos, eso se agradece mucho… pero la verdad me habia ilucionado mas de la cuenta. Igual me quedo con este parche.

  34. hola a todos… tengo una duda.. tengo instalado el parche smoke patch 8.2 FULL, ahora, solo tengo que descargar el update del smoke 8.2.2 y remplazar..?? y disculpen la ignorancia, es que como aparece otros enlaces del smoke 8.2.. eso me tiene confundido..

  35. A problem , Albania kits are updated in the menu, but when i play a game the players become invisible, you can see only shorts

  36. hi after i install patch
    game run normally but when i want to play any match it crash! how can i fix it?
    and your patch is the best
    i use 2.0 that don’t have any problem but i try to update it to 2.2 it got this problem

  37. Update 8.2.2 no adboard its défaut adboard.. And solo 21 balls. In 8.2.1 i have 51 balls and adboard for All TEAM…. Please dido smoke What s my problème

  38. hey :) when i celebrate to the. courtside at euro16 MasterLeague, the game will crash, can u fix it ?? or its just me feel that bug

  39. after i installed the patch, every time i’m starting a match the game stops. before i installed it it would run perfectly.


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