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PES 2016 SMoKE Patch Update 8.3.1


PES 2016 SMoKE Patch Update 8.3.1 Release Jun 1, 2016

Download PES2016 SMoKE Patch 8.3.1


– relinked boots
– fixed gloves (100 gloves)
– fixed loading bug (Exhibition)
– added 260 new faces (over 2200 total patch faces)
– fixed some missing transfers
– revised some players stats
– other minor fixes

mediafire mega

External files (credits):

Stadiums: based on estarlen silva stadium pack
Balls: based on cRoNoS ball pack
Boots: WENS

Special thanks to all the SMoKE patch fans.

This is the first update for: PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.3.


  1. i love your patch because it have club from malaysia (Johor Darul Takzim, Terengganu, Pahang)….can u add more malaysian club like Kedah, Selangor, Kelantan………

  2. Do I have to uninstall the SMoKE 8.2 patch before installing the 8.3 + 8.3.1?


  3. AFA evolution patch has exclusive faces of the Argentina league.”Smoke Patch Thief Edition”
    Don´t play a patch which steal files of the other patch

  4. lo instale y me dice que no encuentra EL ARCHIVO SMK06_st1.cpk pero esta en la caperta dowload que hago no me deja jugar

  5. me gusto el parche pero ojalas qque ahora pongan las faces de la liga chilena, que pongan la face de puch, henriquez, junior, beasejour, se agradeceria arreglaron la liga argentina y quedo buena la brasileña igual esta bueena y la de chile nomas les falta

  6. Guys plz help me … there is no team names for clubs like chelsea, arsenal, liverpool and i cant edit the team name and some other tabs .. ?

  7. black boots problem. i just change from pte patch to this one. i uninstalled pte & then install smoke. i never occurs this problem before. but i did since i installed smoke patch. so i decided to uninstall my pes & install this patch again. the problem remains the same. anyone knows how to fix this problem?

  8. I’m trying to get the current USA starting XI, but Christian Pulisic isn’t showing up in the national team selection even though you created him for Dortmund. Please help.

  9. I saw on 8.3 there is custom free team but I can’t find it can you tell me where it is???

  10. I have 8. and 8.3.1 but players have same boots (black adidas). Why??
    I have installed it twice already on PES clean. Help pls!!
    Smoke is a great patch…


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