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PES 2016 PTE Patch Update 2.1


PES 2016 PTE Patch Update 2.1 Released 11/11/2015

Download PES2016 PTE Patch Update 2.1

– Updated missing transfers from Data Pack 1: Note that, we only used players who are already in the game, except the players listed below. Some transfers can be missing, we are not infalibles.
– Added new players: Alex Telles, F. Melo, Biabiany, Błaszczykowski & S. Samper
– Updated some lineups and players shirt numbers
– Updated kits for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sporting, Juventus, Reading, Derby, CSKA & Avellino
– Added new boots, including: Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty and Tiempo Legend VI
– Added photos for all the licensed managers
– Correct names for Serie B teams, “Calcio Catania” & “Teramo Calcio”
– Fixed the commentary names for all the english and german teams
– Updated accessories for all the Bundesliga players and for a lot of other players in other leagues
– Fixed the bug with the Selector tool, when we choose the exe and when we click on the play button
– KONAMI Patch 1.02.01 included
– EXTRA: Now you can unlock one fully editable team for create your own team. More info inside.

NOTE: Is not possible add real faces to the added players. For do that we need to generate a new OF or add the appearance information into the OF but, is not possible, for now, do that, until we have an Option File decrypter.


Update Information:
– Is necessary have the PTE Patch 2.0 installed: Download
– If you find some error, please report
– Don’t use any of our work without permission
– Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.
– How to add “cpk`s” on PTE Patch

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PTE Patch 2016 – mota10 – andy18cruz – Jesus Hrs – stavrello7


  1. – Added new players: Alex Telles, F. Melo, Biabiany, Błaszczykowski & S. Samper

    Are those the only ones added? Do you plan to add more, especially youngsters, Bakkali in Valencia, Tielemans, and some others?

  2. I have a question, its about the editable team, when you update the patch to a newest version my tean would be deleted or not? This is an excellent patch guys keep working on them, you are awesome

  3. The greatest patch I’ve ever had. I delated other patches – I love it! BIG THANKS FOR EDITORS! Great job!


    Greetings from Poland.

  4. NOTE: Is not possible add real faces to the added players. For do that we need to generate a new OF or add the appearance information into the OF but, is not possible, for now, do that, until we have an Option File decrypter.

    On Dunksuriya patch is possible and as been added. Shame!

  5. No need to talk bad about a patch to promote another. Dunksuriya has many fails, won´t list them as this message would be terribly big ;)

    Dunksuriya is nowhere but at facebook, nobody talk about itor knows them, and you claim it to be better than one best patches for PES? lol

  6. – EXTRA: Now you can unlock one fully editable team for create your own team. More info inside.

    Please stop pte.

  7. If you mean at Master League they are at free agency when you start, and probably were signed in fisrt days right after you started master league.

  8. This still does not work online , just endless matchmaking without connecting. And i use a genuine copy of pro evo with pte patch.

  9. Ignore dread, he only makes marketing of that Dunksuriya and Pte because he knows Pte is the most downloaded

  10. bro you can change mod to onmlig or onlign defallut or offlign
    this patch is perfect ist the number one

  11. Is not incomplete. :D
    Serie B is correct, PTE doesn´t.
    Dunksuriya release 12 new Asian National Teams, and PTE don´t.
    Dunksuriya release all UEFA Europa League and Champions League and PTE just release a few…

    Just dread yourself!

  12. And don´t forget, PTE patch don´t have Chile and Argentina Kits Licenced and Dunksuriya Have! Even Liga MX and Thailland League!

  13. You are the one make “RIDICULOUS” posting those things. They have no respect to the patch makers, this game is so bad on PC.

  14. and stop mourn,men,that someone will download yuor patch…there are people for all in this world … :)

  15. Update – if you select licenced online it wont connect you but if you pick default online it plays with the kits and real names.

  16. Or Dunksuriya Patch steal Pte Patch? If Dunksuriya Patch is a professional patch maker you should upload it on this website and not make a bad about other patch..

  17. Why did you make it so you cant edit over teams????? You cant edit over team name, emblem, uniform, and manager for teams!

  18. I have so many dummy players. how to fix it? i have installed the patch correctly and when i want to remove the dummy from the team, the game stopped working

  19. I felt. Usually I played PES 2016 in high level, since i installed this patch and previous PTE patch the gameplay is different and I can only play on “regular” or “professional” level. If I unistall this patch, i can play again on high levels. Also, I noticed too differences with the behavior of players on the field.

    Look, I really like the content of this patch, I think that is one of the best patchs that i see actually but the gameplay should be the original and with this patch installed, I can not enjoy playing.


  20. Sorry, please Calcio Catania and Teramo are not in Serie B, They were replace by Ascoli and Virtus Entella.

  21. Hey PTE guys? There’s no Ganzoraccio (you’re trick doesn’t work), I can’t import my team. Boooh!!

  22. Hi!! I would like to know if it is only on my game that the stadiums names are not right. For example: All Premier league teams are Konami Stadium. There is no Stadium name by team. Thanks

  23. Glad I am not the only one who noticed that they changed the gameplay, I mean its a great patch one of the best but they shouldnt mess with the gameplay

  24. This is one the best patches there is, its great really… BUT! Why did you mess with the gameplay? :(

  25. If somebody is going to change gameplay then for the love of god improve goalkeepers reflexes, goalkeepers are just too bad in PES 2016

  26. How do I add the facepack pte? I watched that how do set .cpk from PTE website but nothing has changed? Anybody help ?

  27. When I try to play with Cruzeiro (Brazilian League) the game keeps loading and nothing happens.

    Thanks for the patch anyway, everything else seems to be fine, but could you please try to fix that?

  28. algunas veces los uniformes desaparecen en los partidos y talvez nombres reales en selecciones nacionales como las de centro América, todo lo demás bien talvez más estadios gran trabajo

  29. The patch has a problem starting friendly with Brazil, never start the game . Always he remains loaded, only happens in friendlies with Brazil alone . If I play in other modes if you start the game. I hope prompt response , thank you.

  30. Best patch but the abilities of the players are less. .martial of man utd just 73 :( and another problem is the line ups are not correctly arranged :/

  31. just untick ptepatch_onl in dpfilelist generator.. and make sure place the new cpk file in last place.. i prefer to u use pes smoke face cpk file.. its great..

  32. Whenever i play with reshade mod there is message at the upper left corner about failure of it. so how to disable that message from upper left corner ..it is very irritating please help!!

  33. Pls should i reinstall the patch or wat…i have .net framework 3.5,4.0,4.5,directx11.2,microsoft redistribution pack..,visual studio and jdk 8.0…so i dnt knw y ptepatch.exe doesnt respond at all
    …but i noticed sometin wen i execute the file two processes “com surugate” appears and vanishes immediately…any ideas

  34. Guys, can i add kits??? Chilean Selection is now using a Nike kit with White socks and you haven’t updated since the Adidas kit with Blue socks from the World Cup 2014. Can anybody tell me if it’s possible to add kits to this patch?

  35. Really nice patch so far! when are you releasing a new update?
    Can you please fix the Unlicensed national squads, players in there have wrong names/faces + managers are missing images. Good luck!

  36. Hmm so fast official v1.03 Data2 is out..
    Not sure I can apply the patch and also keep pte v2.1 as well?

  37. I’m a Pesgalaxy fan n tried n tried to install PTE 2.0 patch but I couldn’t until I came up wit another plan n damn PTE is Quality on everything, I also got patch update n no lags now :)

  38. U did somethin’ wrong then durin’ installation, try again n don’t 4get about “as administrator”

  39. pls can u update the correct kits n faces in Nigerian team.Big thanks u guys awesomely great.PTE PATCH BEST OF ALL


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