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PES 2016 PTE Patch 5.4


PES 2016 PTE Patch Update 5.4 Released 16 June 2017

Download PTE Patch Update v5.4

– Updated lineups for all teams from EURO 2016
– Updated boots for a lot of players from EURO national teams
– New/updated kits for: Northern Ireland, Wales, England, Portugal, France, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Costa Rica and Panama
– Fixed the national anthems issue
– Boot pack updated
– Some new faces added.

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* If you use the extra team mod, read the info inside, before install the PTE Update 5.4.

#NOTE: The official sound of UEFA EURO 2016 sometimes, mainly when playing the EURO in exhibition mode, can stop working. That happens because of some limitations we have for adding sounds in the game. Unfortunately, we can do nothing to solve those limitations.

– Is necessary have the PTE Patch 5.0 installed: Download
– Is necessary have the PTE Patch Update 5.2 installed: Download
– Is necessary have the PTE Patch Update 5.3 installed: Download
– Is not necessary install the PTE Patch Update 5.1
– If you find some error, please report
– Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
– Don’t use any of our work without permission

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– Special thanks to Jesus Hrs for all the help and support
– Special thanks to Brezinho, Ginda, everst9, mckagan22 & PES Arabia
– Special thanks to A. Hernandez for the Argentinian and Chilean kit pack
– Special thanks to “TEAM PES MX” and their creators, Donaldo Medina, xDark Mauri15x, Mindmaster & UBarreras for the LIGA BBVA Bancomer. Follow the “TEAM PES MX” quality work on their facebook page: Team PES MX Facebook.

PTE Patch 2016 – mota10 – andy18cruz – stavrello7 – NemanjaBRE.


  1. Hi man, can you make an addons TSC compatible and solve the ML start problem of 3.0v please?

  2. Don’t ask PTE Team dude !!!
    ASK TSC 3.0 team or IPATCH team.
    They are the one who make it.

    I read their facebook page (IPATCH)
    They will upload fix TSC 3.0 for PTE 5.4
    Just wait
    I love TSC 3.0 too, they are the best

  3. Don´t respect right? And pte don´t even cares about your requests and it’s very slow updating a patch, was need a year to licenced a stupid patch?
    Where’s Asian League? Never. At least Tuga Vicio, is making a patch alone it self and release each week undreads of faces each people made it and run away from is patch! Shame!

  4. Not yet.
    I hope sxsxsx will make it soon. I feel empty play 1.05 without tattoo :(

  5. “Load” is the typical fan boy……..puf, i cant understand this childrens…………

    PTE is the best no doubt, the details are all there, all is made with quality, things that you dont find in any other patch.

  6. i have installed pte 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 but i cant generated my old .cpk except PES 2016 360 Tattoos For PTE Patch 5.4 by Tran Ngoc. any solution? what dpfilelist generator should i use to generate my old cpk?

  7. i think you should not add The official sound of UEFA EURO 2016, the original from pes was good enough. the national anthem of spain not playing by the way.

  8. Anyone here.. Tell me from where I can find the option to play Copa America league match in game …??? I didn’t found it…

  9. Great job, beautiful Work, best patch for PES 2016. To be complete, just need to put the new boots nike….NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR XI – Blue/Red – Ronaldo 1998 – Neymar/Jordan.

  10. I have a 5.4, also lacks the White Umbro Pepe of Portugal, I would not give so much work, it just adds them to a bootpack 100, why the patch only have 94…..

  11. PTE Patch.exe doesn’t work well. It doesn’t change EDIT file and the game doesn’t work online. Ideas?

  12. Now just tell me someone… How to play Copa America..??? It’s a big question man.. I didn’t find any option… Even there is no Copa America exhibition match… Please help me.. Thanks

  13. Please help me after installed PTE Patch 5.4 vram 512 mb problem appears pls. Help me???

  14. Hello Everyone! Does any one happen to have the MLS add on Patch for PTE 5.4 Version?
    The *.CPK will be the same, it’s just the edit file.
    Hola a Todos! Por casualidad alguien tiene el parche de la MLS para agregarselo a la version 5.4 del parche PTE?

  15. My patch 5.4 cant , because download/ptepatch_upd_off.cpk: this contains invalid data.
    Can anyone help me pls ?

  16. Do you will add Bundesliga 2 anytime on pte? To be honest the best patch, 0 issues! Thanks a lot


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