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PES 2016 PSD Stats v3.0 For PTE 5.1 by RMB


PES 2016 PSD Stats for PTE 5.1 by RMB (Version 3.0)

Download PES2016 PSD Stats For PTE Patch 5.1 by RMB V3.0

First of all, this patch was made using PTE 5.1 as a base, so the credit goes to them. Also, if you’re going to install this, I recommend you to use that patch, it’s the best i’ve seen until now. Also I’m pretty sure it should be compatible with other patches, but always make a back up.

All the credits for the creation of the MLS go to HarleyGnr and JesusHrs. Remember, this update only includes the players and the teams. For the logos and kits, you have to download the cpk.

This patch uses PSD (PES Stats Database) and PKKE (PES Kings Edition) stats as a base. Some players were modified by me, but most of them are using their stats, so the credit for those goes to them too. If you have any doubts about stats, you can ask me in the comments, send me a message or go to PSD or PKKE and read the pages and pages of discussion. This stats weren’t made by fans of a specific player or some idiot who knows nothing about the sport. This stats were made by experts on football and, most important (maybe), experts on playing PES. If you don’t like PSD stats (because for some reason some people don’t like them), then leave now. I would answer to every doubt, but I’m not wasting my time on hater comments. Don’t waste your time and don’t make me waste mine. Now remember, this took me hours, hours and hours to do. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be a dick. The only thing I want here is to share, I’m not even using ads. Saying thanks if you liked it wouldn’t be bad too.

Just some warnings: don’t look at teams overalls. The ladder is totally broken. A team with 80 Attack, 80 Midfield and 76 Defense would have 4.5 stars, this always happens and it’s Konami’s fault. I can’t do anything about it, but it’s just a number there, it doesn’t actually affect the team when they play. It’s just a fucking ladder that it’s totally broken because of Konami’s fault. If someone has any idea of how to change this, I would appreciate to know about it.

With “stats” I don’t just mean the numbers, but the special abilities, the position and the height and weight (because some players are wrong rated by Konami even in that aspect). I’ve corrected everything, like the strong foot of Mahrez (he’s left footed and Konami has his as right footed, wtf). Hope you enjoy it.
All the teams in this list have updated stats for all their players, updated line ups and transfers (i’ve also fixed the stadiums for the ones who are using PTE 4.1), and also i’ve created for scratch the players who were not included in the game.


– Transfers until 17/4/16.
– PSD stats updated until 17/4/16.
– Rival clubs added for the edited teams of Liga BBVA, Serie A and Premier League.
– +70 line ups updated.
– Player numbers updated for national teams.

Premier League:
– Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland, Swansea, Tottenham, Watford, West Bromwich and West Ham.

Ligue 1:
– Bordeaux, Lille, Olympique Lyon, Olympique de Marseille, Monaco, Nantes, Nice, PSG, Stade Rennais and Saint-Etienne.

Serie A:
Atalanta, Bologna, Chievo Verona, Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Napoli, Palermo, Roma, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Torina, Hellas Verona and Udinese.

Serie B:


Liga BBVA:
Athletic Club, Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona, Real Betis, Celta de Vigo, Espanyol, Getafe, Levante, Malaga, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Valencia and Villareal.

Liga NOS:
Benfica, Porto and Sporting.

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia MG, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke and Wolfsburg.

Other European Teams:
Anderlecht, KAA Gent, CSKA Moskva, Maccabi, Zenit, Shakhtar Donetsk, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Basel.

Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Inter do Porto Alegre, Palmeiras, Santos and Sao Paulo.

Primera División Argentina:
– Boca, Independiente, Newell’s, Racing, River Plate, Rosario Central and San Lorenzo.

– All clubs added with their line ups and players.

Liga MX:
– Tigres.

National Teams (call ups updated until 17/4/16):
– Europe: Autria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.
– Africa: Cameroon and Ivory Coast.
– North and Centre America: Mexico and United States.
– Southamerica: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Classic Teams:
– European Classics and World Classics.
– Xavi, Buffon, Cantona, Maradona, Henry, Puyol, Ronaldinho and many others added.


2 5
29 30

mediafire speedyshare


1) Make a back up of your original “EDIT” file, the one who is located in C:\Users\user\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save.
2) Unzip the file you’ve just downloaded with Winrar.
3) Copy the “EDIT” file to C:\Users\user\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2016\save and replace.
4) That’s it, now you can play!

If you’re interested on the graphic patch I’m using, you can download it from here.

If there’s any problem, doubt or team request, let me know about it in the comment section.


  1. Sí, lamentablemente quedaron jugadores duplicados que faltaban antes del último DLC (la mayoría de la liga brasilera). Estoy trabajando en eso, igual no son tantos y la mayoría son bastante “meh”.
    Si conocés alguna manera de directamente borrarlos hacemelo saber, porque yo ni idea.

  2. Mm, la verdad que ni idea como se hace, aún así no cambia mucho. Fijate que también está duplicado Ozil, Kroos, y algunos más.
    Hablando de otra cosa, todos los STATS están perfectos, pero Donnaruma, el arquero del Milán tiene 74 puntos nomás, mientras que Abiatti y Diego Lopez tienen 85 puntos, creo que le pusiste poco puntaje a Donnaruma, si podrías mejorar eso sería genial.
    Suerte y felicidades por el parche.

  3. Opa, obrigado amigo, instalei e esta muito bom.Otima ideia, mas adiciona + jogadores na liga do brasil ex:CUELLAR\ MARCELO OLIVEIRA do Gremio etc…

  4. Kroos, Ozil, Medel y algunos otros pocos están duplicados a propósito porque tienen stats diferentes en sus clubes y en su selección. La única manera de hacer eso es duplicando al jugador.
    Los puntajes de arqueros son bastante raros, la mayoría tienen unas medias bastante bajas. El Buffon clásico, por ejemplo, que tiene prácticamente 99 en todos los stats importantes para un arquero, tiene una media 94, no un 96-97. Hace tiempo estaba pensando en bajarle a Diego López. En cuanto a Abbiati no sé, el tema es que juega nunca.
    Gracias, que bueno que te haya gustado, saludos!

  5. Hola, cuales son las principales diferencias respecto a los stats originales? Sentiré distinto a los jugadores en general cuando juegue? (entiendo que esto modifica sólo stats). Saludos!

  6. Ancur bro…dah cek beberapa pemain
    Contohnya Ousmane Dembele >>> umur 22
    Ini statsnya buat PTE 5.1 MLS
    Overrating like crap

  7. Its very not like real…. ronaldo 92, messi 97??? Some young player has high stats… Vermalen 87 but pique just 85??? NOT REAL

  8. Pues sí, al tener stats distintos los jugadores jugarán diferente. También están modificadas las formaciones para recrear realmente a los equipos.

  9. Yes, it’s realistic. Stop looking at overalls, the overall rating system is totally broken.
    Please use some arguments, saying “NOT REAL” like that makes you look dumb, really.

  10. Ola amigo, adiciona + jogadores na Liga do Brasil, pois a Europa deixa q a Konami Atualiza. Pois ta dificil jogar com o Brasileirão todo desatualizado e Obrigado pela sua atenção ao futebol da America do Sul. Faz o RODINEI / FELIPE VIZEU / CUELLAR (FLAMENGO) / MARCELO OLIVEIRA (GREMIO) etc… Por Favor.

  11. Bro, it messed up some players like Ousmane Dembélé for me, like he had a face and age 18 before I used your stats; after I used it, his face stopped working and his age was 22. Please fix this, other than this I like your stats.

  12. I didn’t realize that. I’m going to check it, probably that happened because he wasn’t created in the game before the DLC so I made him myself. Now the real player should be in “Free players”. I’m going to fix it as soon as I open the game again. Thanks for pointing that.

  13. Good work. But please do not duplicate players, indeed they have different performance time in the national team, but when I play the master league, players duplicate this very disturbing. if applicable, please give the name of the player that is duplicated and I will edit it by me. thanks.

  14. NO ENcontre algun jugador duplicado…. muy bueno pero segun mi opnion no deberia estar ni iniesta ni buffon en jugadores clasicos, aun no se retiran

  15. Por Favor Mestre, faz um Update bacana na liga do Brasil, muitos jogadores estão em Clubes antigos.Eu tentei atualizar aqui,mas ao editar, eu perco tanto seu patch, quanto o patch MLS 1.1, então o jeito e esperar vc criar uma nova versão, q seja novamente compativel com pte 5.1 e mls 1.1 Obrigado.

  16. Los puse para sacar a algunos que no merecían estar ahí… si fuera por mí hubiera puesto a otros como Pelé, pero no están en el juego ni encuentro sus caras por ningún lado.
    Decidí poner a Iniesta, Xavi o Buffon porque sus mejores días ya pasaron y son de los mejores de la historia en su posición.

  17. Son los stats de mierda que tienen con el juego por default, jaja, Ucrania no está en la lista de selecciones editadas de la descripción, o sea que está por default.

  18. No puedo jugar ningun partido, cuando elijo equipos y pongo iniciar se sale el juego, algo andara mal?

  19. bro cuando lo reemplazo, y abro el juego, el juego me tira un error, estoy usando el pte 5.1 pero no se que sucede


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