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PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [30/10/15]


PES 2016 PS3 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [release 30/10/15]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod [MOD BLUS31564 / iMARS / BLESXXXXX] [BDH] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


Forum Thread: Here.

Password: BlueDiskHaven


Only For Custom Firmware or With ODE (Optical Disc Drive)

Features & Credits


Download Links:


I am happy if other people post my links on other blogs and site

as long as you dont change my links and keep the credits to me faith genesis raven from bluediskhaven because that can help to get the views up





Youtube Channel:


Note I may not always be able to update every thread I post so for the latest version check

the pastebin pages

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I’ll continue to work on this and will release regular updates

Stay Tuned!

Remember to check back for future updates & to support me thank you.


  1. Please BDH make a tutorial video for datapack 01. I made all you say in Readme but nothing.

  2. Hi.

    some stadiums new ones i think when i choose match at night the sky be in night dark but the lights on players and supporters like there is a shine sun. it’s so bad to play with. please fix it.

    please we want stadiums we love as S.Bernabeu Camp nou S.Bridge Olimpico Maracana S.I.Park V.Calderon San Mames Velodrome Mestalla Madrigal…etc

    Please Fix Algerian players names and transfers.

    Great work BDH. pes with out you is shi*.

    Really Thanks Bro <3

    From Algeria

  3. please BlueDiskHaven don’t stop to work on this mod please!!! this is the best mod of ps3 please don’t stop work!! I want scorebord , replay logo and menu mod!!! =)

  4. Back of the net!! Thanks so much you brilliant bluedisk legend! Yes, hopefully a future version will fix all the datapack discrepancies at some point :) It’s bonkers to think you’re the only bloke working on your mod though! If something happens to you, or the time comes when you want to stop, that’s it! Game over man! 0.o :(

  5. Hice todo tal cual las instrucciones, pase por el modo recovery, y luego me dice en datos de juego Datapack 01, pero en el juego al entrar no me lo toma.
    Me podrian ayudar?
    Saludos y gracias

  6. Thanks very much, your work is great. but I’m very happy if you immediately create J-League in PES 2016. I was waiting for that. Thank you

  7. please, i need information
    playstation 3, i miss corinthians arena, its that normal, that playstation 3 dont have corinthians arena?
    how i can new stadium and new balls install?

  8. I don’t know if it’s the datapack who don’t work. In some teams the players are not registered as Maccabi Fenerbache Malmoe etc …. The tatoos Neymar are not there. Vidal and Coman are not at Bayern. The fourth Manchester United shirt is not fixed. The Ireland is in other European teams. Sorry, we must review many things. Finally’re doing a very good job for one person.

  9. I work for the latest updates you need to have your mod Datapack ? by North London and I still appears lacansire
    and I can not change the names .
    please help me

  10. La ultima update del 4/11 me trajo algunos problemas como que no se le veian los pies a algunos jugadores, quizas un problema con los botines, y se fueron caras como la de aubomeyan (dormunt), y un jugador del dormunt, no recuerdo cual, se veia super pequeño, vi eso por ahora.
    Espero que puedas arreglarlo en siguientes updates.
    Saludos y siempre muchas gracias por tu parche!


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