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PES 2016 PS3 Gembox Patch Update v2.2


PS3 PES 2016 GEMBOX Patch Update V2.2 by Sargox a.k.a GemboX

Download PES2016 PS3 Gembox Patch Update 2.2

– Added WENS Boots v3.0 (Hatur nuhun kangge akang UNTUNG WALUYO a.k.a WENS)
– Added 200+ Real Faces
– Lates transfer update by KONAMI
– Fix FC DALAS kits
– Added New Crowd costume

– Requires Previous GEMBOX PATCH v2.0 installed: DOWNLOAD
– If you find some error, please report
– Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect my work.
– Don’t use any of my work without permission
For completed update waiting KONAMI released DLC 3.0
*You can use my patch and do changes just for personal use you can’t make public



More screenshot feature:

KONAMI, ItoY GemboX, WENS aka Untung Waluyo, Konami, PES Logos, jenkey1002, Killer1886, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Suat CAGDAS (sxsxsx), smeagol75, starvin, Hawke, GOALARG, Majuh, Baris Yerlikaya, l4vezz1, cRoNoS, PTE Patch, Nemanja, Tunizizou, SantanAji, Moha, mariolino977, Tibinator, Hendra Surya Pratama, Adhitya Makalalag, jch331994, Sukma Purnama, Bluediskhaven all other various kit and faces maker.


  1. Hello overcut.
    I have question to install this patch.
    what is KONAMI PATCH 1.05? I must install that? if install that. what happen?

  2. Hi it seems like a fantastic job, can please post this patch and the previous one in the “old way” with png files and so on to copy manually and install, for those who do not have the package system or who are struggling to understand how to make it work please please please

  3. Please do not write that outfit FC Dallas is improved because it is not, it is and Legia Warsaw Kuciak Hull City (should only be in Hull)

  4. for fc dallas, you must download the v2.2 fix. Kuciak, sorry this is a mistake. KONAMI make her ID in DLC 3.0 white ID 59912. I’ll fix it in the next update after DLC 3.0 Released

  5. Yes, you have to install it, if not, it’s likely the game will freeze before the start of the match

  6. les digo de nuevo que no aparece la ayuda a la hora de patear un tiro libre con este parche,los puntitos que indican la direccion y altura del tiro,si lo pudieran arreglar,fijense que es verdad lo que les digo,de todos modos el parche esta re bueno +10,pero estaria bueno que arreglaran eso nada mas nos vemos!!!!

  7. Can you please make an optional for KONAMI’s original scoreboard and replay logo ?

    And please bring back the directional guide, for me it’s help…you can add it too optional update too.

    Please consider my request…thank you

  8. please consider my request to post the patch in the old format without the package system,please please i need this patch so badly

  9. can you please consider my request to also post it the old way with png files to make it easy for those who do not have package system thanks in advance

  10. Aku ora paham bro, cocot mu kwi ngomong opo, nek ngomo sg bener, ojo sak penake lambemu dewe.

  11. overcut,please no need to be rude, i actually like the patch it just seems unfortunately my ps3 is not compatible with the packaage system i hear something about jailbreak or whatever its called,excuse my english i am french and i just asked in a polite way because the patch attracts me so much i have downloaded all parts but can’t install it, so please no need to be agressive i am actually a big fan of the patch just not fortunate enough to be able to install it,i hope now you understand me better

  12. t u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u uu u u uuuu uu hoihpijh´oñk.n, ihjil-n k-n ñohn.kjhliy hjvbmnb bgh ojmlmkoinoinoin irjifnpenrpnopnr
    w pkrpkfpk e `
    ek omwkme

  13. Sargox, I hope that you are working on new patch, because Konami released DLC 3.0 with UEFA EURO 2016, so it will be excellent to play your modded and updated (with all national teams, kits, names) European championship in France! Thanks for everything you did so far!

  14. Beautiful work, thank you so much for the update!!!! And please, as always, ignore all the horrible idiots and ungrateful morons above who don’t have a clue how to use this, thanks my friend! keep going!!!!

  15. Bro, this ungrateful ignorant harold moron who has never even heard of Google Search is a troll, please ignore him and don’t waste time replying my friend!

  16. If you truly don’t understand, then how about you start learning like the rest of us? What makes you so special?? You are too fat, lazy and stupid to learn how? You are too lazy to use Google search and read? You are too lazy to watch hundreds of jailbreak tutorial videos on YouTube?? Wow, we feel sorry for you if you are really that retarded…

  17. GEMBOX PATCH v3.0 process 70% ???? :D

    Keep going bro, looking forward to v3.0, you are the best!!!!

  18. Tapi kenapa yg versi 2.2 ini gameplay’a kaya PES 2013 lagi, dimana pemain2 yg speed’a pny skill running kenceng pasti gak ada obatnya,, nggak kaya versi yg 1.5 yaah.

  19. These players no longer play for a team in the game as far as I can tell, so would it be possible to create base copies of them in your next update please, so we don’t lose their preset faces:

    – Luis Fabiano (was Sao Paulo)
    – Jadson (was Corinthians)
    – Renato Augusto (was Corinthians)
    – Ralf (was Corinthians)
    – Paulinho (was Tottenham Hotspur)
    – Andre Pierre Gignac (was France National Team)
    – Joe Cole (was Aston Villa)
    – Mounir El Hamdaoui (was AZ Alkmaar)
    – Sotiris Ninis (was Panathanaikos)
    – Victor Valdes (was Man Utd)
    – Aleksander Kerzhakov (was Zenit)
    – Javier Saviola (was River Plate)
    – Ramires (was Chelsea)
    – Nemanja Vidic (was Inter Milan)
    – Marcelo Estigaarrabia (was Atalanta)
    – Adam Johnson (was Middlesboro)
    – Gil (was Corinthians)
    – Nikica Jelavic (was West Ham)
    – Amauri (was Torino)
    – Jonathan Mensah (was Evian)
    – Rafael Marquez (was Verona)
    – Maxi Morales (was Atalanta)
    – Henrique (was Napoli)
    – Y. Kakitani (was Basel)
    – Oscar Ustari (was Newells Old Boys)
    – Samuel Inkoom (was Boavista)
    – Hasegawa (was Zaragoza)
    – Jonathan Tanaka (was Sporting Lisbon)
    – Colin Kazim Kazim (was Feyenoord)
    – Maicon (was Porto)

    If you are able to keep them in the next update that would be great as it’s always a shame to gain lots of new faces but also lose lots at the same time.

    Also, will you be updating kits for the Copa America teams?


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