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PES 2016 Proclaym J (Tier3) v1.0 compiled by Thabo ElectroEconomist



Disclaimer: Complete patch. Proper konami pes 17,22 with a touch of ea sport’s fifa experienced through the lens of pes 2016.

New Contents: Latest transfers(1/09/2021), Allianz arena sky fix, Remodeled stadium interiors, Enhanced pitch texture, Chants update, Corner flag update, Bootpack update, Fifa 22 Start screen, background, Cursor, UCL scoreboard design update, e Entrance area, Edit mode cutscene (experimental), New faces and players; Lewandowski, Aaron Ramsdale, Jorginho, Tammy Abraham, Antoine Griezmann, Benjamin Mendy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Emi Martinez, Vinicius Jr., Lukaku, Ederson, Moussa Dembele, luiz phellype, Bryan Gil, Matheus Cunha, Eduardo Camavinga, O. Edouard Anguissa, T. Tillmann, Gavi, H. Duro, N.Muller, Tanguy Nianzou, Idrissa Gueye (Gana) and full patch prerequisites.

CHANGELOG: Updated transfers(NSP) 22nd August, Europa league conference scoreboard fix, Fixed Master League crash, Pes 22 full scoreboard, New Lighting effect, New Cornerflag, Referee whistle audio- no sound yet, Goal net audio- no sound yet, New trophy cutscenes(may cause crashing, feedback required), Ballpack 21/22, Ad boards 21/22, Newer kits, Fixed Signal Iduna Park, San Siro maroon sky and pitch. New faces; Ben White, Araujo, Collado, Mingueza, Oriol, Sergino Dest, Yusuf Demir, Inaki Pena, Gio Reyna, Eric Garcia, Moriba, Neymar, Messi, Dumfries, Weston McKennie, Eduardo Mendy, Gerd Muller, Champions League scoreboard fix, E football scoreboard, fps smoothing, Over 30K mini faces, newer kits, fixed surface shading on hair, fixed issue of no champions league in-game anthem, Athletic Bilbao and Olympic Lyon player faces crashing fixed, As Saint Étienne, Feyenoord player face additions, fixed parc des princes pitch, web sounds, 1k coach faces, new emblem designs National and Club level, bootpack update, Etihad stad clearer view, Rain texture update, heavier snow model, incorporated pes 2021 final official gameplay, enhanced pitch, sky, crowd, audience and ground images, updated Fifa turf mode, over 40k player faces, over 60 ML user coach faces from pes 2021 (inactive), New emblem designs, New flag designs, National and Club level, Cl anthem mashup, Experimental. Pes 2021-2017 as a base for Proclaym patch boots, gloves, accessories, body, hand, facial features, shadows and uniforms, fixed issue of no champions league in-game anthem, st036 Wanda Metropolitano (revamp), st051 Signal Iduna park (retouch), st052 Amsterdam arena (revamp), national kit update, Combination of previous Proclaim 0, Proclaim 1, added a cartoon mode, matching font in Fifa turf menus, fully functional commentary and callnames, players like Collado have a premodeled face- He is the 1st player i ‘created’, attempt to add fifa 19 random audio, updated ballpack, choreos, added Rockstar patch save file emulator, Over 200 National anthems, Nike impulse boots Euro 2020, +16,000 minifaces added, pes2021 real turf emulation with more visible pitch lines, more fan choreos, Etihad stadium st012 thumbnail updated (for Proclaim 4a), Smudge stains added, Extensive Ambient occlusion, newer stadium TV model, Ultimate stage with champions league turf, Longer Cl, El and Master league intros, more offline myclub data(logos, faces), Bigger HD tunnel with mosaics, Blue winter edition gloves added, parc des princes infrared light fix and Experimental features adopted from pes 2021, choreos. Etihad, Emirates stadia fixed , Europa League presentation, Champions league menu sounds, backgrounds and anthems added, extra Champions league commentary, Champions league selection fixed, English callnames different version Pr5, Entrance cutscene options (interior, exterior), proclaim_hd retexture ((72-> 144 dpi)) glossy pitch v2- expansion complete with Boots, gloves, balls, more mini faces, frosty pitch mod and new uefa/el/acl/ opening intros, reworked fifa 21pes mod, backgrounds, 3d pitch, frost, new choreos, more shaders, new cutscene intros, dynamic pitch (the game saves gpu power by prioritizing better pitches in ML, BL, CL, EL, Cups than in Exhibition-Quick play), Structures cast longer shadows on the pitch and Included Rockstar Save file. Thumbnail refresh in both Proclaim 4b, 5 and 5 Serv, Fix St043 Sao Paolo Proclaim 4a, Fix St015 Camp Nou Proclaim 4a, Skyhyperion’s 6 substitute patch, New St004 Anfield exterior Proclaim 4a, Fix St021 Fnb Calabash SA Proclaim 4b, Fix St011 Allianz arena thumbnail Proclaim 5, Fix St015 Camp Nou turf Proclaim 5, Call names update, HD Tunnels in Old Trafford, Juventus and 2 common tunnel artwork, New ’empty’ stadium audio atmosphere, Expanded database library, Updated commentary (The commentator even says ‘Alex Collado’), more callnames, Added Stadium announcer for German stadia (in addition to English stadia), Chant database updated, fans sing both Team anthems, Goal songs and Player songs, FC Bayern Munich player faces updated, new gloves, newer kits, new boots, new glasses(shades for manager), new lighting(sun light effect), more rain and snow animations, exterior views for almost all stadiums, 1 more celebratory animation, fix for Emirates stadium, new skies, new crowd mod stands choreo, extensive surface shaders, pes21 cornerflag, adboards, hd body model, new powerbar colour, more partially redeveloped stadiums, a fifa pitch mod, a hd textures mod, remastered Post player striker gameplay(Haaland), cl/el graphics, more distinction between a place and a finesse shot for high caliber players e.g. Coutinho etc. More faces, Better hd pitches (Highest dx 9 render of 3d grass), new uefa cl and euro presentations, new entrance scenes, partially redeveloped stadiums, new banners, fix for Veltins arena’s and Bernabeu white pitches, more recent stadia thumbnail. New menu, new 2022 scoreboard for league n exhibition, multiple kits(Barcelona has 9),new surface shaders, exterior views of stadiums, fix for signal iduna stadium in cl/el, new Europa league presentation, new referees and intros. Pitches (2 sets), Stadiums (2 sets), Chants, Ambience, Goal sounds, animated Crowds, Commentary on key match players (e.g. 2 types of commentaries on Messi), National anthems, more call names (check out edit/ player/ name/ commentary e.g. Fati, Puig), tunnels (limited), trophies, champions league n Europa league intros, 30 secular playlists, smoke bombs, cutscenes, tunnel shaders, stadium staff, big screens, Stadium Announcer.

Graphics Requirement

Tested on i7 Nvidia gtx1050ti-> 1.1GB max High, 1080p60fps Dedicated VRAM draw

Tested on Lenovo L420 i5 4GB RAM-> 600MB max Low, 720p40fps, 610MB Shared VRAM


Proclaym J T3V1 vol. 1–> Prerequisites, Proclaim 0, Proclaim 1, Proclaim 2.

Proclaym J T3V1 vol. 2–> Proclaim 3, Proclaim 4, Proclaim 4a, Pr Fifa turf.

Proclaym J T3V1 vol. 3–> Proclaim hd, Proclaim Thd, Proclaim Thssd.

Proclaym J T3V1 vol. 4-> Minor last minute additions and fixes.

Proclaym J UEFA-> Proclaim 4clel, Proclaim 5 (use when crashing occurs in cl and el).

How to

  1. Copy all 5 download cpk files to your pes 2016/download folder. Launch dp filelist and add the first 4, Proclaym J T3V1 vol. 1, 2, 3, 4. Thereafter you can adjust depending on play area.
  2. Copy the 2 data cpks dt20_ara_win and dt18_win to your pes 2016/ data folder, make sure to backup your own versions.
  3. BACKUP your Konami folder then copy and paste updated KONAMI folder.
  4. Load in dp file list manager as shown below depending on your scenario.

Fully compatible with OPsT: https://www.pes-patch.com/pes-2016-proclaym-j-7-0-by-thabo-electroeconomist/  (recently updated)



120GB HDD free (41.5GB -Download, 74.8GB – Extracted)

2GB RAM (usable)- the decompression software I have employed will require 1,032MB of RAM @3GHz dual cores CPU 100% to decompress from 42-75GB. May take a while.

Intel core 2 duo- pes 16 normal requirements (core i is more stable fps wise)

Minimum 0mb Dedicated VRAM, well suited to all gddr3/5/6 graphics including intel graphics.


Latest WinRAR, Dp File List Manager v1.6, Pes Next Gen Editor (optional).


DoWnLoAd: https://pastebin.com/gbqPYUcu


Video tutorial



!! Shout out to all these Awesome Guys !!

JESUS CHRIST, Skyhyperion for 6 subs in ML, Eiichiro Oda for one piece art, Sarjono for Fifa artwork, Wahab Jr, mangapark, mangafreak, Gaming with Tr, RGB32 mods, face makers, Rockstar patch, pes stars, JvPes, A3R yt channel, Eastern Silva, Harlock, Moba, smoke patch, score boards pes 2017 2022 maker, egygames-20.com, King_pes, Predator(Preds), AZ, KK, AK, MjTs, Pes2016Screen, kits v14 pes 2017 maker, Rockstar patch, Micanou, Minosta4u, index of Pesfa, smoke patch, dpfilelist by Baris, rc true game yt channel, Skyhyperion at pes patch, style gaming yt channel, Referee faces by Moha, Magic patch by pes, Maro Zizo & Droidtech Id & Diki Namikaze & Yusuf Rizki Firdaus, Free arc by Bulat Ziganshin, google images, One piece fandom wiki, Geo-craig90, VirtuaRED, Pes stars faces makers; Rednik, FR, Mo Ha, M3lraby, Pradeep, Kairzhanov, Sameh Momen, Memer, Eddie, Fede, Garang1108 Virtual Red, Milad Behzadi. Mega, Mediafire, Amr Moustafa, Diabeto for feedback, Y6, Zuulfikar7_41 for UCL scoreboard design, pes next_gen editor by Razib, smokeparty for smoke bombs, paint.net, format factory, You tube, Konami, Easy2Convert dds to jpg – Easy2Convert jpg to dds freeware makers, one piece You tubers Joy boy theories, Rogersbase, Tekking101, BDA Law, GrandLineReview, Ohara, Artur- Library of Ohara, Mr Morj, King of Lightning, Ferrospace, Evoweb, Predator002, Win rar, Amr Moustafa, Anonymous,  and finally pes-patch staff for their consistency, quickness, non- automation and providing an Excellent platform for all walks of pes!


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