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PES 2016 Proclaym J Stadium (2.0) by Thabo electroeconomist


Ever feel like pes 16 is left behind? In this pack you’ll get:

alt="Wanda Athletico Madrid stadium"
stadium pic

Contents: Pitches (2 sets), Stadiums (2 sets), Chants, Ambience, Goal songs, animated Crowds, Commentary on key match players (e.g. 2 types of commentaries on Messi), National anthems, More callnames (check out edit/ player/ name/ commentary e.g Fati, Puig), tunnels (limited), trophys, champions league n Europa league intros, 30 secular playlists, smoke bombs, cutscenes, tunnel shaders,stadium staff,big screens,Announcer.

Tested on lenovo l420 (low end), no lag.

Proclaim 1- enables more editable stadium names in edit mode

Proclaim 2-enables allocation of any stadi with any team(+ 3a)

Proclaim 3-Main, contains 70 stadi(set 1)pitch e.t.c 40 slots= 40 usable stadi. Stamford Bridge has nice day light.

Proclaim 4-contains 40 stadi (set 2) pitch, different stadium versions of those in P3. Same names.

Proclaim 3a-optional, 40 stadi, has 2/3 stadi not available in P3. (e.g. leicester fc stad). Also, Stade Louis ii pitch looks better here. Set to any team.

Proclaim 3b-optional, 40 stadi, has 7 stadi not available in P3a

Proclaim 4serv-ish, has +150 ‘slots’, 40 actual, the rest are duplicates, intermittently. Just for fun! If only someone figured out how to allocate other stadi it would be awesome! Perhaps pes 2016 sider-server?

Combinations: P1,P2,P3- Are a must. Hope you have fun trying out longer combinations. Load in order.

Begin st001-Giuseppe Meazza up to st070. 2 camp nous.


I’ve included dpfilelist editor data 4.0 and pes next_gen editor(for those not using P3a, in order to set a stadium to any team)

How to: Copy all 5 files to your pes 2016/download folder. Launch dp filelist and add atleast the first 3, thereafter you can try different combos.

11GB (8GB rar) Download: https://pastebin.com/qA4Hsvrr


Shout out to all these warriors!

JvPes, Eastern Silva, Harlock, Moba,

Tr, Preds, AZ, KK, MjTs, Pes2016Screen,

Micanou, Minosta4u, pesfa, smoke patch, dpfilelist by Baris,

pes next_gen editor by Razib, smokeparty.



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