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PES 2016 Proclaym J (7.0) by Thabo ElectroEconomist



Disclaimer: No need for version 6.0. This patch is compatible with future Tier 2(main) patches, it’s not a must that you have those patches, it’s more of a tool, no effect on fps- can Buggy finally become king? How would a Op yt theorist fair against an Admiral?

New Contents: New intros; Opening, ACL, Cl, El, Tiles and new Backgrounds. Majorly One Piece characters as Football clubs and national teams. It’s loosely based on the fact that One piece manga is mainly one-on-one fights and football is a team by team competition. Think of their prime versions. The captain embodies the crew.

                             THE MIGHTIEST


Gol. D Roger->  FC Barcelona- (in current form, Luffy)

WhiteBeard->    Real Madrid

Kaido kun->      PSG

Big Mom->        Chelsea

Shanks->         Bayern Munich

BlackBeard/ Xebec->    Draxis (formerly Paris fc)










                                  YONKOU tier

Golden Lion Shiki->      Benfica (84 major trophies won, yellow eagle symbol)

Dragon->              Ajax (Great playing style, multiple Champions League titles)

Imu->                  European classics

Joyboy->             World classics

Kong->                Manchester City (Savory playing style under Pep)










                          FLEET ADMIRAL tier

Sengoku->     Juventus

Garp->           Sevilla (Sevilla’s achievements in Europa League are unmatched)

Oden->           Olympic de Marseille (derby day)

Douglas Bullet->    Tottenham (a mighty team with matching colours)

Mihawk->       Liverpool (fiery attacking team under Klopp)

Dark King Rayleigh->    Valencia F.C (3rd largest fanbase in Spain)













don’t sleep on… THE ADMIRALS

Akainu->     Atletico Madrid (current fleet, Atletico vs Liverpool cl is Akainu vs Mihawk)

Aokiji->       Arsenal (currently rogue, had an ‘invincible’ streak in premier league)

Kizaru->      Borussia Dortmund (colours, pace of play)

Fujitora->    Manchester United (purple, red kits, large fanbase)

Ryokugyu-> Borussia Monchengladbach (colours, dark horse)


                           ADMIRAL tier

Benn Beckman-     Inter Milan, Nekomamushi-    Ac Milan,Inuarashi-    Leicester City,Katakuri-    Athletic Bilbao (Marcelo Biesla),King-   Real Sociedad (20/21),Sabo-    A.S Roma,Zephyr-    Napoli (Maurizio Sarri),Shiryu-   Atalanta B.C,CP-0-     Porto,Marco-   S.S. Lazio,Sentomaru-   Villareal F.C etc.

Virtually all pes2016 teams have been replaced based on some criteria; colour, achievements, league etc. The teams have tailored formations to bring out the best in them. Don’t summarily judge a character by their ratings alone until you ‘fight’ them!

Their main powers are derived from 3 sources;
FW-> Haki, all amalgamations of Conqueror’s, Observation, ryou, swords
MF-> Doriki, strengths, speed, agility, techniques, ryokushiki, fishman karate                  DF-> Devil fruit, awakening, hardening haki, advance, tekai, gears, raid suits

                           ONE PIECE/PES GEOGRAPHY:

International Club Cup   – Raftel

Uefa supercup    – God Valley

Champions League   – All Blue

Europa League           -New World

Erevdise                        -Red Line

Knvb Becker                -Reverse mountain

Taca Portugal             -Somewhere on grandline

Liga Nos                        -Grand Line

Premier League          -North Blue

FA cup                          -Rubeck

Serie A                         -East Blue

Tim cup                        -Shimotsuki village

La Liga                          -West Blue

Copa del rey                -Ohara

Ligue 1                         -East Blue

Ligue 1 cup                   – Sorbet kingdom

Bundesliga                    -South Blue















Giussepe Meazza- -Elephant Zouisl

Camp Nou- -Jack Oro

Estadio Nacional Chile- Alabast Kingdoms Nefer

Anfield RdL iverpool-    Mihawks IsL kuragina

Wembley Stadium-   Marejoi Holylan

Olimpico Rome-    Baltiigo Revo

Old Trafford-    Bes Fujitora

Estadio Da Luz-   Merveil Go Ldn

Stamford Bridge-   Wholcake Island

Parc De Princes-    Wano Of Kaidooo

Allianz Arena-      Yukiryu Islnd

Etihad Stadium-     Kongus Hquarta

Ultimate Arena – UCL-   Hazardof Punks

Estadio Do Morumbi-   Water– Se Venland

Emirates Stadium-   Aokiji– Kuzan’s

Estadio Saoj-    Valley- Goad

Veltins Arena-   Cobby’s Realm

Stade Velodrome-   Odens Flowercap

Goodison Paarrkkk–    Jozusans Forte—

Santiago Bernabeu-   Mobydick Shirohig

Allianz Stadium-      Sengoku Fortres

Saitama Stadium-   Thecalm- Belts–

Estadio Maracana-   Impaled Downdown

El Monumental-   El Dressrossa

Near realistic computer simulations:

I guess we now know why Doflamingo fears Emperor Kaido so much..

or why Chelsea would beat Man City in a crunch final- Big Mom vs Kong..

                           OP tunnel art:












La Bombonera-     La   J-a-y-a-a

Ataturk Olympic Stadium-   Riskiey Crimsoon Islands

San Siro-   Zou Wale

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium–    Swordisle Vista’s Islands

Stade Louis II-    Enies Lobby II

Estadio Do Dragao-      Cipherr Po Lbasse

Wanda Metropolitano-   Kainu Sakazukig1g1

Emirate Arsenalgun A-   Aokijii Kuzansword B

King Power Stadium-   Laws Hearts’ Pirates

San Paolo-    Sky Piea’

Stade de France-    Black de Beards

Gelora Bung Karno-   Island Fest Delta

Olympiastadion Berlin-   Fallenmonkskie Island

St. Jakob Park-   Te. Quila Wolf

Signal Iduna Park-   Kizaru Sabao Isln

Amsterdam Arena-   Kamabakka Islnd


Exhibition: https://youtu.be/d3-yQQIiCOA

Venues: https://youtu.be/kbo9Oby_WDA


                          Rivalry system:











You can make any character a rival and fight greatly against them (on the pitch)!

                           Battle with One Piece You Tubers

You tubers n artists featured:

















Other anime characters are featured as national teams e.g. Deku, Goku, Kanoh Agito.


Install pes 2016, can be used on original versions of pes to enable online play (i’m not entirely sure about the save file)

Install Free arc software and extract the archives (included)

Download dp file list editor 1.6 by Baris (not included)

Copy all 5 files to their respective locations


OPsT Save file (backup your own Konami save file)

Software (free arc)

DOWNLOAD : https://pastebin.com/23DLBFRM (3.8GB arc) 7.3GB cpk



!! Shout out to all these Awesome Guys !!

JESUS CHRIST, Eiichiro Oda for one piece art, Sarjono for art work profile, mangapark, mangafreak, Gaming with Tr, JvPes, A3R yt channel, Eastern Silva, Harlock, Moba, smoke patch, score boards pes 2017 2022 maker, egygames-20.com, Predator(Preds), AZ, KK, AK, MjTs, Pes2016Screen, kits v14 pes 2017 maker, Rockstar patch, Micanou, Minosta4u, index of Pesfa, smoke patch, dpfilelist by Baris, rc true game yt channel, Skyhyperion at pes patch, style gaming yt channel, Referee faces by Moha, Magic patch by pes, Maro Zizo & Droidtech Id & Diki Namikaze & Yusuf Rizki Firdaus, Free arc by Bulat Ziganshin, google images, One piece fandom wiki, Wahab Jr, Geo-craig90, VirtuaRED, Mega, Mediafire, Amr Moustafa, Diabeto for feedback, Y6, pes next_gen editor by Razib, smokeparty for smoke bombs, paint.net, You tube, Konami, Easy2Convert dds to jpg – Easy2Convert jpg to dds freeware makers, You tubers Joy boy theories, Rogersbase, Tekking101, BDA Law, GrandLineReview, Ohara, Artur- Library of Ohara, Mr Morj, King of Lightning, Ferrospace and finally pes-patch staff for their consistency, quickness and providing a great platform.


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