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PES 2016 Proclaym J (4.0) by Thabo ElectroEconomist



Disclaimer: No need to download previous versions, this one has everything plus new

New Contents: More faces, Better hd pitches(Highest dx 9 render of 3d grass), new uefa cl and euro presentations, new entrance scenes, partially redeveloped stadiums, new banners, fix for Veltins arena’s and Bernabeu white pitches, more recent stadia thumbnail.

New menu, new 2022 scoreboard for league n exhibition, multiple kits(Barcelona has 9),new surface shaders, exterior views of stadiums, fix for signal iduna stadium in cl/el, new Europa league presentation, new referees and intros.Pitches (2 sets), Stadiums (2 sets), Chants, Ambience, Goal sounds, animated Crowds, Commentary on key match players (e.g. 2 types of commentaries on Messi), National anthems, More callnames (check out edit/ player/ name/ commentary e.g Fati, Puig), tunnels (limited), trophies, champions league n Europa league intros, 30 secular playlists, smoke bombs, cutscenes, tunnel shaders, stadium staff, big screens, Stadium Announcer.

Tested on Nvidia gtx1050ti-  1.3GB, High, 1080p, 60fps Dedicated VRAM draw.

Tested on Lenovo L420 4GB RAM- 500MB, Low, 720p, 40 fps, 500MB Shared VRAM draw.

Proclaim 0– enables more editable stadium names in edit mode

Proclaim 1– enables allocation of any stadia with any team(+ 3a)

Proclaim 2– Main, contains 70 stadia(set 1)pitch etc. 40 slots= 40 usable stadia. Stamford Bridge has nice day light.

Proclaim 3– contains the new faces, referees, the score board, the kits n surface shaders and the fix for cl.

Proclaim 3a– optional, 40 stadia, has 2/3 stadia not available in P3. (e.g. Leicester fc stad). Also, Stade Louis ii pitch looks better here. Set to any team.

Proclaim 3b– optional, 40 stadia, has 7 stadia not available in P3a

Proclaim 4-contains 40 stadia (set 2) pitch, different stadium versions of those in P3. Same names.

Proclaim 4serv-ish, has +150 ‘slots’, 40 actual, the rest are duplicates, intermittently. Just for fun! If only someone figured out how to allocate other stadia it would be awesome! Perhaps pes 2016 sider-server, any news?

Begin st001-Giuseppe Meazza up to st070. 2 camp nous.


CombinationsPr0, Pr1, Pr2, Pr3– Are a must. Hope you have fun trying out longer combinations. Load in order.

Compatible with any major patch and any pro evolution soccer 2016 data pack.


Download dpfile list editor data 4.0 by Baris and pes next_gen editor(for those not using P3a, in order to set a stadium to any team) and use it for cpk selection.

How to:

  1. Copy all 7 files in ”download” to your pes 2016/download folder. Launch dp filelist and add the first 4, Pr0, Pr1, Pr2, Pr3. Thereafter you can try longer combos. I use Pr0-1-2-3-3a., i can assign any team any stadium.

2. Copy all dt_20_ara in ”data” to your pes 2016/data folder, make sure to backup            your own version.

3. BACKUP your Konami folder. Then choose one of these below, then copy their contents to your save folder in KONAMI.

-Default(Normal), –Mixed League(for enthusiasts, the major teams’ rosters are ‘filled out’ allowing for an even more exiting 1st ML season since transfers are limited and squads are at full strength, teams moved around to balance leagues- no more farmer’s league e.g. Inter in Bundesliga, Dortmund in Premier League, more exiting matchups in champions league),-OpSTool(not yet ready, next patch).

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGZcw94l8rQ

Download: https://pastebin.com/qA4Hsvrr   19GBrar (29 GB folder)


Shout out to all here!

JESUS CHRIST, JvPes, Eastern Silva, Harlock, Moba, smoke patch, score boards pes 2017 2022 maker, 0
Tr, Preds, AZ, KK, MjTs, Pes2016Screen, kits v14 pes 2017 maker, Rockstar patch
Micanou, Minosta4u, index of pesfa, smoke patch, dpfilelist by Baris, ACR yt channel,
rc true game yt channel, style gaming yt channel, Eiichiro Oda for one piece art, Referee face by Moha, Magic patch by pes
pes next_gen editor by Razib, smokeparty for smoke bombs.


  1. Sorry, It’s not included. However, you can use it with pretty much every latest transfer Option file or or EDIT file there is (apart from Rockstar). I may include my own later in the comments.

  2. @amr mouatafa mahmoud hassanien It is! I’ll be uploading 5.0 soon so better wait a bit.

  3. @amr mouatafa mahmoud hassanien I’m in my 4th season in master league with this patch, have played in europa league, champions league, copa del rey, spanish super cup, uefa super cup, retirement- there is a slight glitch on the matchday that you win ML, but it will be fixed in Version 5.0.

  4. Extraction files donot extract with me ..just 2 files extracted not 7

  5. Very great project! Can you try to modify the number of substitutes for the match?


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