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PES 2016 Player Editor v1.0.1 by Fatih Kuyucak


PES 2016 Player Editor v1.0.0 by Fatih Kuyucak – Released 15/11/2015

Download PES2016 Player Editor by Fatih Kuyucak Download PES 2016 Player Editor

uploaded mediafire mirrorcreator


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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ID Faq:

Dino Tool
Search player shirt names
My Tool
Search Player Names

MESSI > Click search button > Player Not Found
L. MESSI > Click search button > Player Found


  1. They made tools, but they don´t care to add a simple option to import and export players from FM 2015. So thanks wasting our lifes.

    // dread, you don’t appreciate anything and all is good except you know who. shall we filter your comments and start deleting them? You don’t know to say thanks for something… only say negative. dude, life is great, take it as it is, don’t waste it.

  2. You know what would be cool? if we could copy stats from pesstatsdatabase and paste it in the software. it would save some time

  3. Your tool seems smart and very very useful, so thank you very much, but i cannnot use it at all… please could you post a mini tutorial that explains how to do it?
    Thank you very much

  4. Open with cpk mánager the file dt80_100E in folder download of PES 2016 directory, export file 2592 ,(player) open player editor and edit players, save , import with con mánager and save, this rebuild dt80_100E.

  5. Would be great, but PSD doesn’t even have PES 16 sets, only PES 15. Yes, it’s almost the same, but the stats are in different order, so it would be a mess.

  6. que tal amigo soy de latinoamericano y la verdad no se como volver a guardad lo editado
    por favor ayudame en eso,,,esta muy bueno el editor pero no entiendo como volver a guardar lo editado

  7. noting change i did this:
    1- open dt80_100E_win with cpk manager
    2- export with ZLIB 2592 “Player”
    3- edit players
    4- save
    5- import 2592 “player” to dt80_100E again
    6- save cpk
    Note: when i load again 2592 “player” from new dt_100E i found my work and it looks right
    but when i open the game .. it’s like i did nothing
    please help me

  8. There is no “dt80_100E_win.cpk” file in download folder and anywhere, what can i do?

    Download klasörünün içinde ya da başka bir yerde”dt80_100E_win.cpk” dosyası yok, ne yapabilirim?


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