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PES 2016 PC Version Confirmed !


PES 2016 PC Version Confirmed by Stéphanie Hattenberger!

Konami’s marketing manager for Southern Europe, Stéphanie Hattenberger, said PES 2016 is gearing up for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, mobile platforms and PC – also Orange, Bouygues, story confirmed by Gamer.nl here. More news about PES 2016 on 12th June 2015.

PES 2016 For PC

If you want to see the interview, check here: L’interview de Stéphanie Hattenberger.

Poor Translation (leave comment if you have a better one):

At the grand final of the PES LEAGUE France, which took place last weekend, we have the opportunity to speak with Stephanie Hattenberger, director Konami Southern Europe marketing.

Present to observe this grand final, lying in wait with his smartphone to find the best times and very accessible to all, we wanted to talk about his career, the balance sheet of PES 2015 and the arrival of the franchise on consoles current, the mobile challenge, the PES League, PES 2016 obviously … Interview.

BP: Hi Stephanie, thank you for giving us a little bit of your time between a few games …. In a few words could you introduce yourself and explain your role within KONAMI.

Stephanie: Hello, again! For almost 18 years I have been with KONAMI, in fact I’m the oldest in society! So I held the position of Director of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment Southern Europe. Concretely, my scope is wide: marketing, communication, partnerships, sponsorship …

Finally, the anecdote (few people know it), I was behind the creation of the PES League began as a competition only for France. Today this competition is exported to several countries to reach a world finals, which will take place next week in Berlin

The arrival of new consoles helped distribute the cards

BP: PES 2015 is out there eight months, what conclusions do you take? Without revealing figures, what is the trend versus PES 2014?

Stephanie: Multiple awards received by the game at E3, Gamescom or the PGW helped sales of the game since its release on November 13! To do a quick recap on PS2, it was indisputable that PES was by far the best-selling video game for even become the top-selling cultural property. I acknowledge that the switch to the PS3 has not been well negotiated and sales figures are felt. FIFA made the PES, PES and FIFA has done so to speak.

The arrival of new consoles / current-gen helped reshuffle the cards both at community level players but also to the media. And that is why, after years in which sales followed a negative trend, this year the trend has clearly reversed with growth of 12% to 2 volume figures. This is only the beginning and we know that. To return to the front of the scene, it takes 2 to 3 years. We have to confirm the good performance observed with this PES 2015!

France, an excellent indicator

BP: How are the sales by country? Where is the France vs its English neighbors, Spanish, German, Italian and more distant?

Stephanie: France has been and still is the country “very good student” for sales trends of Pro Evolution Soccer. And this is also checked in the opposite case. Let me explain. Today’s sales figures but also the media coverage (press notes, views of the players) in France are scrutinized carefully. During the transition from PS2 to PS3, France was the country where sales were the first to fall and it was a good indicator for other countries that followed this trend gradually the years after.

In short, France is an excellent indicator for trend & global success of the PES franchise.

BP: With a popular PES 2015, first version for consoles on next / current-gen, have you seen a lot of interest around the PES League?

Stephanie: Without hesitation, a big yes! It’s a virtuous circle. Excellent grades coupled with numerous awards that had a more positive impact in the community. This also applies in the opposite case …

BP: Early May, several articles in some media were from a probable abandonment of the KONAMI PES franchise. The answer Adam Bhatti does not have to wait in reversing all this information and has confirmed the presence of PES 2016 this year. This leads to a simple question: do you have a release date for us? Indeed, last year, the game was released relatively late. What will it be this year?

Stephanie: I know the release date of the game but I can get it to you today. The only thing I can say is that the game will be released earlier that PES 2015!

PES 2016 will be released on old-gen consoles! And mobile version is also planned!

BP: Consoles “old-gen” (PS3 & Xbox 360) will they be as concerned or PES 2016 will be released on PS4 / Xbox One & PC?

Stephanie: I confirm that PES 2016 will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PC … Be reassured! We also confirm that the game will be released on internet box (Orange, Bouygues ….)

BP: What can we expect for mobile devices, smartphones & tablets? Can we expect a version of PES 2016 on mobile?

Stephanie: Yes, a mobile version is planned. I can not reveal the content on this support but, yes, there will indeed be a version provided on mobile devices :)

BP: Let’s jacket … Mario Gotze & ambassador is PES 2015. Ambassador What will it be for 2016? Information to reveal about it? Can we expect a French player on the cover FR?

Stephanie: Today, I am unable to reveal information about it. But, believe us, surprises await you current month of June …

BP: It seems that Konami has worked a lot around licenses. Besides, according to a recent disclosure of a near PES, licenses ever seen in the history of PES will be included in PES 2016? We take this opportunity to ask for the presence of the UEFA Champions League & Europa League in PES 2016?

Stephanie: In terms of club licensing, I can not reveal anything but yes of surprises await you. Trust us. Furthermore, I confirm the exclusive presence at PES 2016 two licenses of 2 European Cups you quoted!

About the Fox Engine: PES 2016 will fully benefit!

BP: Finally, graphics level, we confirm you that PES 2016 will use the graphics engine Fox Engine, Konami?

Stephanie: Yes, I confirm! You need not worry about the operation of the engine! PES 2016 will fully benefit!

BP: Stephanie, still a little question about PES 2016: what is the schedule around the game, especially in terms of ads?

Stephanie: The final of LDC’s kickoff ads around the game! Especially from June 9! These will be very present in the course of this month. We will also be at E3 where KONAMI will have its booth with, among others, PES 2016. In short, board stay tuned because there will be announcements and beautiful!

The women’s teams, it is not intended for PES 2016

BP: Before concluding this interview, as a reaction to the announcement of the presence of female national teams for your main rival, FIFA 16? Planned for PES 2016?

Stephanie: It’s good news, that’s good. It is an evolution but not revolution. And no, it is not intended for PES 2016.

BP: One last question: a prognosis for the final of LDC

Stephanie: (smile) May the best win!

BP: Stephanie, thank you for the time you have given us! We look forward to June 6 to hope that our French representative to go as far as possible for the world finals but especially for the first information about PES 2016.


  1. ¡Great!..at least one more year the PC users will can enjoy our beloved PES…¿perhaps the last year?…I hope that it is not this way..but I much affraid soon we will must song…”consoles kill the PC games”…it is not just, but bussines are bussines…dog life..

  2. Interview useless, full of dumb questions.

    And the PC platform, will be equal (PS4 and One)?
    Because no use to launch the game with outdated technology.

  3. DEBERIAN cambiarle la manera de los arqueros, tinene q ser mas vivos, ademas cuando achiquen q sean mas jugados… eso es lo barro de pes 2015

  4. ay que areglar barrios fallos el online es demasiado lento y ase el juego aburrido eso es una queja muy grande de muchos fans otra las faltas terminas jugando con 9 8 jugadores que cada entrada es foul .areglar reaccion porteros dribles mas rapidos reacciones rapidas hagan un buen pes sin error cada entrega ay u fallo problema


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