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PES 2016 Patch Marfut Beta 1.0 by Marcéu Produções


PES 2016 Patch Marfut Beta v1.0 by Marcéu Produções

Download PES2016 Patch Marfut 1.0



patch BMPES
patch PTE
patch SMOKE
patch Icaro TOTAL 90
patch professionals, Steet, PES Logos, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Jenkey, cabry, fruits, moody and more.


  1. How is this patch allowed on here? It takes league from many different Patches and puts them together for profit!

  2. Dude you stole things from other Patches, and put it together for “your” Patch?! That´s ridiculous!! respect the work from those guys ,who spend wekks and months to create a REAL Patch!

  3. if you see the teaser video from his previous thread, it looks like it doesn’t have many leagues as it said, but he place the clubs from the said leagues (china, India, colombia, mls, etc) to one category which is called “marfut league” or something like that (in fifa it just like the “Rest of World” category). what i see from the video it has many team from the said league above. but i don’t know if it’s compatible with master league or not.

  4. It is possible with lagun’s team editor but it isnt ML compatible as seth already said.
    Also he just took MLS from Galaxy-Patch, Bundesliga from PTE-Patch and many more

  5. This patch is amazing so i dont know why everypone is being critical, one problem is i cannot get online with it as i always get an error when connecting to PES servers, is there any fix for this m8

  6. You ask why people are critical? He just stole this patch together and now makes money with it. It’s just savage. People like him are the reason for a dying Editing-Community.

  7. If you watch the preview video you can make it our on the players stats, logos and order of the teams within the leagues.
    Also he said on facebook that MLS is from PesGalaxy, still he did not ask us after all. He just took it and put it into his own patch.

  8. hey volun, sorry if this out of topic, but is there any j-league/chinese super league add ons for pesgalaxy or pte? maybe if you know one. because i really wanna play master league without the generic pas league.

  9. What´s amazing? That he steal everthing from other Patch Teams? He’s just pretending that he made this Patch. He had no Permission from other Patch Teams to used there work!! And that´s srubby… And you Guys celebrates Marfut? Wake up, he just a Impostor

  10. Okay, but if one Patch included all the best of other Patches, it´s nearly perfect for the Players. I can understand that.

  11. Yes, but nobody loose Money or anything else and whats a greater proof for respect to use a done work and devloped it?

  12. He earns money with other’s work! Other patchmaker sacrified so many hours of their freetime to create this leagues and he just them together. This has nothing to do with editing skills or spending a lot of time as other (real) patchmaker do.
    Imagine every traditional patchteam retires because of such a jag. There won’t be another patch because the new patchteams like Marfut mostly steal from the tradional ones like Galaxy and PTE.

  13. Parece ser um baita Patch, pena q não deve ser Compativel Online! por isso eu não vou baixar mas Vlw grande trabalho.

  14. Is anybody confirm that this patch is working? and that have what he said in the informations.!

  15. patch is working but there’s only kits and graphics menu nothing else no new faces nothing..just kits leagues and graphic menu..

  16. i test the patch. There are many leagues and Teams. But the most Players doesn´t have reality faces. Many Teams doesn´t have kits., only White Shirts. There are only standard balls and standard stadiums. I cannot imagine, that sometimes all kits and leagues correct playable.

  17. O cara que fez o patch, e as coisas que ele pegou de outros patch ele teve o trabalho de dar os creditos aos responsaveis . Antes de criticar , leiam a descrição do patch !

  18. Statement from PESGALAXY :

    Community, I want to talk about stealing things from other Patches.
    The recently released Marfut Patch took our MLS and other things from our patch as well as other leagues from other Patches (PTE for example) as well.
    Those Patch teams worked weeks and months for their respective leagues and teams and now someone just comes in, takes this work, combines it and earns money with it?
    This is the reason why this community is dying! Sadly we alone can´t to much against it other than saying they stole our stuff.
    But YOU can do something about it. If you see this Patch report it to the respective board or forum and DON´T DOWNLOAD IT.
    Such people won´t stop doing those things, but if you don´t download and use their patch then they can´t earn money with it.
    I really urge every single one of you to do the right thing in this matter.

    PROOF PIC : http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/unbenanntpiyn4081vg.png

  19. Oh Boy, you´re dreaming. This is the Internet. You seriously hoping about honest und solidarity?
    If it allowed, you make it in the Internet. Everything.
    Take a copyright about your work, then you´re right.

  20. Do you know that everything that you create is immediately copyrighted?
    It includes that only the creator has the exploitation right. So he is the only person who decides who can use his work as well. PesGalaxy didn’t give Marfut the permission to use their work. In theory PesGalaxy could charge Marfut. Fines and imprisonment are possible.
    I hope that Marfut knows that and stops copying stuff.

  21. PESGalaxy know why they didn´t will charge Marfut. Belive it. ;-)
    Every Patchteam, EVERY use stuff from others. A Little Change and nobody can proof it. Thats Reality.

  22. Of course you can proof it. Look at the New York FC Away Kit for example. That kit design isn’t close to the real one. Big coincedence that his still looks the same as mine? I have have the .psd.

  23. Jajajaa .. Nobody say you that is not good to drink whiskey so early Pirate? … in what world you live? or do you think the people are stupid ? … by the way don´t worry Marfut .. we’ll take you to jail beer and snacks … and some pretty girl jajaja … :)

  24. Prosperadlo. ¡Por favor! ¡Eres un buen hombre! Dónde descargar los archivos de parche? ¡Me gusta mucho el fútbol sudamericano!


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