Home PES 2016 Patch PES 2016 OF Transfers 03 Aug. 2016 For PTE 6.0 by Fadli

PES 2016 OF Transfers 03 Aug. 2016 For PTE 6.0 by Fadli


PES 2016 Option File 03.08 Manual Update For PTE 6.0 by Fadli

Download PES2016 OF Transfers PTE 6.0 by Fadli

– Update Transfer last 03/08/2016
– Update Formation + Subs Overall Fix
– Update Stats Players

mediafire speedyshare

– All Big Leagues

* Premier League All Teams
* Ligue 1 All Teams
* Serie A All Teams
* Liga BBVA All Teams
* Bundesliga All Teams

* Support Bootspack V5 by Wens
* Support Stadium ES V2 Europe
* Support tattoo 330/360 Marçeu


  1. arsenal emirates stadium TOTOO PATCH
    – roding….???rodin…..g…ing

  2. Hey can you or any one do the home fix teams of the Estarlen Silva v2 + these updates + compatible with tattoos in one Edit file ? And i will do a video about it and give you credit in the video in my Youtube channel :)

  3. Then you don’t have tattoo pack. If you download it. It will be fixed. Or you can reset players who have white hands

  4. Hey Del Choc, the nice guy :)
    Do you know how to fix homeground of the original stadiums PTE 6.0??? When i try to change FCB stadium, it’s locked. Please tell if you know the way. Thank you

  5. Hey man :) Yes i know how, but first tell me which PTE Patch version do you have? And do you use Stadiums Pack or the default PTE Stadiums?

  6. Thankyou for your answer man :) I’m using PTE 6.0 and using the default PTE stadium, what should i do?


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