1. i see oh the picture you have new kits 16/17, where do you fing this kit ? i have already download kits but it’s not compatible with patch PTE 6.0, have got any kits for this patch ?

  2. New Kit 2016-17 v.2.2 MT GAMES 1991
    i h this kit pack (new kit 2.2), but when i extract the .cpk with DpFilListGenerator, i have not the pte patch in the game, i have the nw kit it’s ok but the patch is not here, i would like to have the patch pte 6.0 and the news kits 16/17 :) is it possible? and with which kit pack please ?

  3. ok because v.2.2 MT GAMES 1991 doesnt work in pte patch 6.0 :( crash the game when starting..

  4. Yes exact, but which kit pack can i use for having kits 16/17 ? with PTE patch of course :)

  5. you can use smoke patch .. no kit pack for pte 6 already.. but pte best patch i thing waiting update :)

  6. First, don’t listen to Za

    This is your problem
    You make wrong composition at DPFILELIST GENERATOR.
    I want to you give you my composition but I can’t upload picture here

  7. He use MTKITS pack and add several kits from other kitsmaker.
    Don’t listen to Za.
    MTKit make his pack compatible only for PTE.

  8. Hey man, i have a problem. When I’m going to play a match it keeps loading and loading forever in the Now Loading screen. Can you give me a solution?

  9. Hello for everybody! I search a TM Patch for 1.05.0 patch! Please send me a adress of site!

  10. anyone please make OF latest update without any patch with correct logo team and name. PLEASE!


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