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PES 2016 New Tattoo Pack 209 + V.1.0 by Splendidis


PES 2016 New Tattoo Pack 209 and V.1.0 by Splendidis

Download Pes2016 Tattoo Pack 209 Tattos and Version 1.0 by Splendidis

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Credit : Splendidis, Marcéu Kenshin & Killerito hawke tunizizou donyaviagraphicpes sxsxsx Insomnia25 donyavia Rob Khensin Affan Ardianto Rama.


  1. Where can I find the face of Gianluca Lapadula? I saw him through the photos of screen shoots that you put inside the archive, I tried but could not find anything.
    You can tell me, it is important.

  2. here is his tattoo, + there is a lot of my work. The following packs we’ll be with him to work more closely. Expect from us a lot of new tattoo)))

  3. Is this pack crashing the game in ml in cutscenes, did you tested it? BTW Marceu s tattoos are awesome, but they are crashing the game, as you already know.


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